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Create a Kitchen for Welcoming Friends

Our homes are a great place to welcome friends and family for food and entertainment, but often they aren't optimized for social occasions. If you want a kitchen which encourages everything from informal get-together to sit-down dinners that are more formal. Give your kitchen a few additional touches and your space will be primed and ready for guests.

Consider The Layout

As the kitchen is the heart of the home, and most of our entertaining centers on food and drink, it's where people naturally congregate when they come round. An island unit or a peninsula allows people to take a seat, grab a drink and interact with you while you prepare your latest Mexican feast or add the finishing touches to that Beef Wellington. A layout allows you to zone the space - giving you space to prep food and plate up while guests are seated comfortably.

Get The Decor Right

Don't make your decor an afterthought, because it can make or break your space. If you have a dining kitchen, you want the two areas of the space to feel cohesive, and this can be achieved by making visual links between the two spaces, such as choosing the the same colours, following through with finishes such as cabinetry and shelving and choosing one flooring surface - something like Polished Concrete is durable, practical and looks great, plus it combines well with underfloor heating for a comfortable finish.

Get The Lighting Spot On

The right lighting can have a transformative effect on a space. Create intimacy by adding a group of cluster lights over the kitchen island or dining table. Add drama and character to a space with a dramatic chandelier. Give your kitchen a special something with LED downlighters under your kitchen cabinetry. You should also make sure that you have great task lighting in food prep areas so that you have the best environment for cooking. You could also consider using a dimmer switch or weighted pendant lighting so that you can adjust the atmosphere according to what is happening.

Get Your Appliances Right

If you use your home often for entertaining, you may want to consider a double oven or even a pair of dishwashers. A steam oven or wall appliance matched with a range cooker can be a great way to keep on top of prepping large amounts of food at once, especially if you bake a lot, and it allows you to time large meals perfectly or keeps food items warm while others are being cooked or plated up. And make sure you install a dishwasher to make cleaning up after your latest dinner party a breeze!

Add The Finishing Touches

Going for long benches with cushioned tops on allows people to get comfy how they like without the formality of a dining table, and you can design them to conceal storage for extra plates and glasses. Fresh flowers always add a sense of welcome and occasion without costing a fortune - there are lots of small ways to add a welcoming touch without breaking the bank.

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  1. Isn't it funny that everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen during a get-together? I love it and my last kitchen was so conducive to that. Hope you have had a Great Mother's Day. xo Diana

  2. My kitchen is too small for get togethers, but we are currently in the process of remodeling it so they can still sit at my dining room table and talk while I am in the kitchen.

  3. I love your idea about having long benches with cushions! That sounds so comfy for a kitchen!

  4. artchee6:37 AM

    I would definitely check out your ideas when we renovate our kitchen.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra12:28 PM

    These are all fantastic ideas for kitchen that would be functional enough to receive and entertain guests. I will show this to my husband. He sometimes cooks for his buddies who come over for a visit. It would be nice for them to all be together in the kitchen sharing a meal and exchanging stories.

  6. I love this! I remember one time we have friends coming over and our table wasnt set up that good. LOL! Thanks for this!

  7. We have a dining area nearby my kitchen. This is such a thoughtful idea.


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