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The Ultimate Guide To a Stress-Free Move

If you are in the throes of selling up and moving on, the chances are that your stress levels will be ever so slowly increasing as you edge ever closer to moving day. Moving is one of life’s most worrying times, and the relief you feel once you are all settled in makes you vow never to do it again. However, moving needn’t be so stressful. You need to be organized and have everything planned out weeks in advance. Take a look at this simple guide that will leave you wondering what all the moving day fuss was all about.

The Packing

One of the most worrying aspects of a house move is ensuring that all of your treasures move from your old home to your new one without any breakages. This can be tough, especially when you have an old antique mirror, some expensive designer furniture and plenty of fragile porcelain to transport. Make sure that you wrap the delicate items that you have well in advance. If you can, make a few smaller boxes of your most fragile items and transport these yourself. For larger, heavier items, you might want to call in the specialists. That baby grand in the living room may require a piano movers firm to ensure the correct protection while on the move and a retune when sat in its spot in your new home.

Always get yourself some bubble wrap, brown tape, fragile stickers, tissue paper, and double walled boxes at the bare minimum and never think that you have used too much protective wrap. You haven’t.

The Essentials Box

It’s always a great idea to prepare an essentials box for your move day. In here, you should have a basic first aid kit, a couple of mugs, a kettle, your favorite beverage, a bottle of something sparkling and some magazines or games for the kids to keep them occupied. When you set foot in your new humble abode, you can always whip on the kettle, give the kids something to do, and enjoy a cuppa in your new home. The rest of the unpacking can wait. Moving into your new home is stressful enough as it is without a celebratory drink.

The Kids

If you are moving with a brood in tow, they can add another level of stress without even realizing it. They might be nervous about moving to a new town, starting a new school or having to make new friends. Try and be there for them, but let them know that you might be busy with other things on moving day. Try to empower them with a role to help keep their minds focused. Ask them to label up the boxes, make a to-do list, or plan how they are going to decorate their new rooms. This can add a level of excitement rather than worry for their moving day.

Moving house can be an emotionally turbulent time, especially if you have made many happy memories in your current home. You will have plenty of chances to make even more incredible memories in your new home.

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