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Gift Ideas for Difficult Loved Ones

When we say “difficult”, we don’t mean that you don’t love this particular friend or family member - we just mean that it’s incredibly frustrating to try to buy them the right gift every time their birthday comes around or Christmas approaches. Maybe they’re polite when you give them a gift but you still get the feeling that you’ve bought them the wrong thing (a feeling which is confirmed when you notice that they never use that thing). Well, fear not because this article is going to give you the help you need. These are some gift ideas for that difficult friend or family member.

Take them on a day out.

If you really struggle to get gifts for a particular friend or family member then you could consider getting them an experience. Rather than getting them some object that might mean very little to them or lose its novelty quickly, you’ll be buying a memory for your loved one. Going to the zoo, playing a game of laser tag, or having a fantastic meal at a restaurant (or all 3 of those things rolled into one) is going to make a massive impact on that special person in your life. The memory of that day spent together is a gift that will last them for many years.

Give them something personalized.

A great gift idea for that difficult but special person in your life is to give them something personalized such as a custom printed bar blades offered from a wholesale bar blade store. If you can never find the right thing in stores then maybe the answer is to tailor-make a present to meet their preferences. That’s a more thoughtful gift anyway because it shows that you really know the person. Plus, it shows that you put time and effort into their gift. And those are always the best kinds of gifts. They’re the ones that we all remember for the longest time, after all.

You could make a homemade cake with their name written in icing, for instance. Or how about creating a photo album? Or you could create a photo album for them if you want to get “old school”. You could even do some research on naming a star and buying a star. That would be the perfect gift for the special person in your life; it would allow them to name a star in an official way. It’d actually be recognized by NASA. That’s the kind of gift which will make a huge impact on even the most difficult of friends or relatives.  Or if you’re still stuck for ideas, go for the quirk-factor! Buying personalized bobbleheads dolls or something with their image may seem a little on the odd side, but if they need a little something to brighten up their home office this could be a simple thing but still make them laugh! Never underestimate humor when it comes to a personalized gift.

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  1. There are some people that it is terribly hard to buy gifts for....no matter what you buy it is not "right". Anyone can just give me a Starbucks card and I am a happy camper. xo Diana

    1. LOL me, too, Diana!! I love Starbucks.

  2. I think we all have that family member or friend who are "difficult" to shop for. Your ideas are great and will make that person feel more appreciative of the gift you gave them.

  3. I love your ideas! I get the feeling some people may think I am difficult. ..ha ha

  4. Oh this is a lifesaver, I never know what to get my friends. Taking them out for their birthday is such a great idea.

  5. Thanks for these ideas! I was actually looking for one coz I dont know what to give to a difficult relative. Thanks again!

  6. Yes, I would definitely recommend same for the difficult to gift in our circle. They appreciate the extra effort to let them choose.


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