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Dealing with 7 Common Causes of Dry Skin

 What causes dry skin? It is often caused by cold or hot weather conditions, low humidity in the air, and hot water soaking. You can do a lot on your own, like using moisturizer to enhance your skin and avoid dry, harsh soaps. Although dry skin is often temporary, sometimes it occurs frequently and becomes a severe problem.

When you've attempted to rejuvenate your skin with home remedies and isn't responding, it may be time to see a dermatologist. Suppose you experience dry skin with redness, open sores due to scratching, large peeling skin areas, or itching that interferes with your sleep. In that case, this is a sign of a serious problem, and you ought to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to deal with seven common causes of dry skin.

#1 Excessive Washing of The Skin

Excessive washing of the skin dehydrates you of your natural moisture and inhibits the production of it. The use of moisturizers and ointments improves the skin and its natural barrier functions, promoting water retention. It's advisable to moisturize overnight and softly clean it off in the morning, which provides extra benefits and better results.

The skin reacts differently to different types of moisturizers; thus, it may take time to get your skin's best one. Some gentle and friendly face moisturizers often contain Hyaluronic Acid Serum, ceramides, and colloidal oatmeal. You may also find that some moisturizers contain drying agents, which make the skin worse. Products with alcohol, chemical fragrances or colors, dioxane, and petrolatum or petroleum should be avoided.

Dry moisturizers are advisable to help in the relief of dry skin. These products include pure aloe oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. There are several varieties of moisturizers available online.

#2 Exposure to Chemicals

Fragranced and chemicalized soaps aggravate and parch the skin. It is advisable to use facial soap and avoid products containing plastics, artificial colors, and alcohol. Other ingredients to avoid are parabens, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and those derived from mineral oils, including petroleum. You must read the labels of the products before using them. Use a genial cleanser to rid these chemicals from your skin, especially if you have irritated skin; try to avoid skincare products that contain harsh chemicals. Instead, find natural-based products that will fit your skin type. By using the all-natural products you will keep your skin's microbiome balanced and help it to recover easily. You can start your new routine by using natural goat milk soap, which can help you not only clean your skin but also hydrate it. Natural ingredients can serve as a great solution for dry skin and maintain healthy pH levels. That’s why you should buy estrogen cream. You will have smoothness from day one. 

#3 High or Low Skin pH

When your skin pH is too high or too low, it causes the skin to dry out. The skin will naturally make new cells and shed off old dead cells. Dead cells cause dry patches on the face. Exfoliating helps dry skin by extracting dead skin cells chemically from the skins' surface.

Although chemical exfoliation may sound harsh, it is proven that most people consider this to be a gentle alternative rather than mechanical exfoliation. This includes alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which dissolve dead cells. At the same time, beta-hydroxy (BHAs) penetrates the skin's deeper layer to remove dead cells.

#4 Bathing with Cold Water

Frequently using cold water to bathe dehydrates the skin. The maintenance of better bathing practices will restrict this. It's better to use warm, not hot or cold, water while bathing. After washing, use a moisturizer to assist in moisture accumulation and retention.

#5 Dry Air

Excessive exposure to dry air through continuous air conditioning use, for example, can cause the skin to dry out. Humidifier therapy adds air humidity to prevent dryness in certain body parts that can lead to discomfort. This additional moisture in the air may be incredibly helpful for skin, throat, lip, and nose dryness care.

#6 Diabetes

Dry skin caused by Diabetes may sometimes be so severe you require medical attention. A dermatologist (a skin care specialist ) may prescribe an ointment or cream if you have extreme skin conditions.

#7 Excessive Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure is a common cause of dry skin. Sunscreen will avert dry skin occurrence and protect you from injurious ultraviolet rays, especially if applied daily.

According to experts, they are confident that age-related changes amalgamate to worsen skin dryness. As you age, sweat glands reduce in size, causing less moisture to reach the epidermal surface, causing skin dryness. Also, sebaceous glands, responsible for producing lipids that lubricate the skin, reduce in size as you age. This is why your skin needs constant care with the correct products. 

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