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11 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make Over Your Home

 There will come a time in most homeowner’s lives when they want to makeover their space - after all, things get outdated after a while, and we may want to use the space differently. But how can you make sure that any changes you make to the home are worth the money and the hassle? If you ask yourself the right questions and get specific, you can make sure that any changes you make to your home will enhance your enjoyment of the space. Take a look and see what questions you should be asking before making any major changes: 

  1. How Do We Use The Home Right Now?

Think of the ways you use the home now. Do you always eat breakfast together in the kitchen? Do more than just cook in the kitchen - perhaps homework/working from home, and catching up with loved ones? Make sure the changes you make won’t complicate things and that you’ll still be able to use the home in the way you’re used to. 

  1. How Would We Like To Use The Home?

Is there a way you’d like to use your home, but find that you’re not able to do this currently? Maybe you’d prefer it if you had more space to catch up in the kitchen, for example. Kitchen islands can make great additions to any kitchen, as they provide ample food prep space and allow you to speak to people as you do so. 

  1. How Do We Want The Home To Make Us Feel?

Think of the feel you want your home to have. Do you want it to feel relaxing? Joyous? Interesting? Kooky? Consider how you’d like to feel when spending time in your home and how you want other people to feel, too. You can come up with a different emotion for each room if you prefer. For example, feeling relaxed can be great for bedrooms and bathrooms, but feeling engaged and happy is a good idea in the lounge area and living area. You can make mood boards to help you figure out how to emulate the feeling yourself using colors and various other design elements. 

  1. Which Elements Are Working Right Now And What Isn't?

Think about what is working for you right now, and perhaps what isn't working for you right now. Think of the things that annoy you in your home. Too many wires? Sharp corners? Not enough floor space? Now is your chance to rectify this and make your home both more beautiful and functional. 


  1. Which Spaces Have Appealed To Me In The Past?

Think of the spaces that have appealed to you in the past, and whether there’s anything you can pick out from them and incorporate into your own space. Think about those that don’t appeal to you and why, too. You can take your inspiration to a design company and they can effectively figure out how to include your inspirations in your own unique home design. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other spaces. Just try to remember what you don’t like about particular spaces and why. 

  1. What Items Are Non-Negotiable?

What must you incorporate in your new design? Think of your non-negotiable elements and what you couldn’t live without. If you love books, a non-negotiable for you might be a reading nook and lots of room for bookshelves - maybe even a home library. Dream big and you might just find a way to incorporate things you never thought possible into your new home design. You may just need to think outside of the box - of course, it’s easier to do this when you can afford a professional opinion to help you!  

  1. Do I Really Like This Particular Thing, Or Are Current Trends Influencing Me?

Current trends come and go fairly quickly, and it can be all too easy to be influenced by them without knowing - especially when they are constantly shoved in our faces on Instagram and Pinterest. What happened to the all-grey theme many people adopted a few years ago? Some people still love it, as individual taste of course counts, but it seems that people are now incorporating more color. If you like a current trend, make sure it’s something you like because it suits you, and not because you’re subconsciously being influenced. 

  1. Will The Ideas I Like Still Work in A Few Years Time?

Making over a home is expensive. The last thing you want is to have to re-do your makeover every few years. Will these ideas still work in a few years' time? Will you still like them? Will your lifestyle have changed at all? Consider these things carefully so you can save money later on down the line. 

  1. How Energy Efficient Would We Like The Space To Be?

Energy efficiency is something many people prioritize these days due to how important it is to take care of the planet. Replacing your appliances and other bits and pieces with more energy-efficient options could be a good way to save both money and the planet. Of course, there are numerous ways you can do this: swap out appliances, install solar panels, use energy-efficient materials, and so on. 

  1. Do We Know Our Budget?

Knowing your budget is important, too. If you don’t have a figure to stick to, you are likely to quickly spend more than you can afford. Makeovers are pricey and everything quickly adds up! Have a good idea of your max spend before you get started so you can figure out what to splurge on and where to save. 

  1. Will We Need Planning Permits For Anything? 

Planning permits is something that can vary from place to place. You won’t need a planning permits for a small extension, but you may need one for a large extension. It all depends on what you’re doing, so make sure you get it if you require it, or you may have to tear down all of your hard work. 

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