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New in Town? Here’s How To Find the Best Spots To Eat in Your Local Area

 One of the most exciting things about exploring a new town is finding all of the great places to go out and eat. There are lots of unique flavours and cuisines that are ripe for exploring, especially if you’ve recently moved into a large city or are planning to travel and visit a new country.

However, while finding a new restaurant can be quite easy, finding the best spots is usually quite challenging. So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can find the best local spots to eat in your area.

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Understand what you’re looking for before you get disappointed

Before you start looking, make sure you have a general idea of what you expect so you don’t get disappointed. For example, you’re not going to find a high-end dining experience if the locals aren’t interested in it. Similarly, you won’t find cheap street food if you live in a fairly expensive area full of high-end restaurants and fancy bars.

Tame your expectations and try to accept the charm and cuisine of your local area!

Check Google Maps to find local restaurants

The first place to look would be Google Maps. Whether you’re searching for a unique steakhouse to eat at or your next favourite fast food place, using Google Maps is arguably the easiest way to start searching for the best places to eat.

However, we’d suggest that you take every review you see with a grain of salt. While Google’s star rating is usually a good indication of what to expect, some people just have really high expectations and might give a low star review because it wasn’t perfect. Some people even give out low star reviews if they’re having a bad day or if there was some miscommunication with the restaurant.

If a place has a low number of reviews, then it’s usually worth considering if the cuisine or menu items interest you. However, if it has a lot of reviews and a fairly low star rating, then you can safely avoid it unless you’re a big fan of the menu.

Ask neighbors, friends and family members

If you’re new to an area then the best way to get food recommendations is to speak to friends, family members and also neighbors. Speak to them and see what their favorite places to eat are. You can generally get some really great recommendations this way, and you might even find a few secret spots to eat that aren’t on Google Maps.

Search on YouTube to find travellers that have been to your local area

You could look at some of the best YouTube food channels to find travellers that have been to your local area. There are lots of prominent travel YouTubers that just love to eat different things, and there’s a good chance that someone has been to your local area to document all of the local cuisine and best restaurants to visit.

This is a fantastic way to explore your local area through the eyes of a seasoned traveller. While you might not agree with their opinions regarding the food, it does show you some unique places to go eat.

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