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Productive Hobbies to Pick Up While Your Children Are at School (Online or Not)

 School nowadays, whether it is online or in-person, takes so much out of your children. Sometimes, when they get home from school or after their online class ends, they scurry inside the home as a form of release. This is especially amplified now that most of the public spaces are in lockdown. As an unfortunate side effect, parents are tired almost all the time. Because of the generation gap, most parents do not have enough. Aside from having to take care of their kids almost 24/7, most parents work from home.

The pandemic has greatly affected the lives of countless Americans. If you are part of the lucky portion of the population, you might have been spared from the unemployment wave that happened these past few months. There are talks that the vaccination process will not start seeing results until the end of 2021. It can only mean more months stuck at home together with your extreme pent-up and bored children.

The vaccine queue lines up studying age students last. As people wait their turn to be vaccinated, there are still countless lockdown periods expected shortly. What are some things you can do, as a parent, to be productive and relaxed while your children continue on their online academic learning?


Mastering Cooking and Baking Skills

A lot of us can already cook and bake. However, being masterful at cooking and baking takes a lot of practice. Now that you have the time and test subjects to taste your cooking, you can start mastering a handful of recipes one meal and cookie at a time. Mastering cooking skills is one of the few things you can do while your children study in school to entertain and relax. Aside from the productivity it brings, cooking also brings about happiness to your kids. If done right, cooking can also serve as a future business venture to involve your kids and spouse. Thousands of online bakeshops cater to households for a delivery fee.


Knitting Pieces of Clothing

In this modern world, not many moms are into knitting or getting into sewing. Knitting pieces of clothing is one of the productive and relaxing ways you can spend your time while your children are attending an online school. Not many mothers can do basic knitting and sewing. There are many clothes you can repair and pieces of fabric you can fashion into something with just the bare basics of sewing and knitting. Contact your local online quilt fabric store and be surprised how many options you have concerning fabric choices. Make art and take cross stitching projects to display inside your home.


Enroll Yourself in an Online School

Enrolling in an online school yourself might be a great use of your time while your children attend their online classes and homework. The mind should never be idle. Taking up multiple classes involving your interests is a great use of what little time you have to increase your knowledge in different topics. Homelife can get stagnant and boring. Routines, while useful, may result in the degradation of information bits inside your mind. Subscribing to an online class will not only expand your knowledge but will also keep your mind active and receptive to new information coming your way.



Gardening, while cliche, is one of the best and literally one of the most productive activities you can do to pass the time. Gardening is a relaxing and low-cost venture that yields produce you can use for your home. Plant your favorite tomato plant and potato root crop and expect a certain amount of harvest in a short but patient amount of time. It will feel so fulfilling and life-changing when you finally harvest your first crop.


Home Repair

Home repair is not only a man's job. Researching and doing home repair projects is one of the ways you can spend your productive time. It will feel fulfilling and empowering to finish a project that society dictates only men can do. Fixing small leaks and making your own woodwork projects are great steps to delineate what men and women can do. Impress your spouse by sneakily building a project that you both want to be built.


Productive hobbies are easy to find and do. However, the achievement is in the follow-up. Vent all the stress you feel managing a household engaged in stressful online classes into a productive hobby. Enrich yourself by converting the stress into something positive.

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