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Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell in the Spring


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It has been reported that house prices are on in the increase as demand for homes increases. Moving in to spring, it is often the best time to sell your home. During winter you may well have created a cozy home, but not is the time to spring clean your home and get it ready to put on the market. Spring is most certainly the best time for getting a quick sale. Spring showings increase year on year so to your home prepared, below are some ways you can prepare your home to sell in the spring.


Before getting down to give your home a good clean, decluttering is important. It’s a chance to get rid of items you no longer use or put items in storage that you can collect when you move. A home that has been decluttered will feel lighter and brighter. Removing a lot of personal items will allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home.


This means giving your home a good thorough clean from top to bottom. It’s not just about dusting, it’s about cleaning windows, paintwork and if you have carpets, getting them professionally cleaned, you can find more information here about professional carpet cleaning. Taking down and cleaning curtains, putting fresh linen on the bed, all of these things are essential to presenting your home to potential buyers.

Make Use of Light

Having bright and airy rooms is essential too. Remove dark curtains from the windows or any other item that is obstructing light from entering through the windows. Natural light will make your home feel and look great. Also make use of lamps throughout your home, if it’s an overcast day then switching on lights will make all the difference. 


You don’t have to go overboard with decoration but if there are parts of your home that are outdated or looking a little grubby, then take the time to apply a fresh lick of paint. Also, you can buy pre-loved items to replace fixtures and fittings to give your bathroom or kitchen a new lease of life. If your kitchen is outdated then you could opt for replacing or painting the doors, think small when decorating but at the same time will make the biggest impact on what you are trying to achieve.


Paint Choices

When choosing paint opt for light and neutral tones. While you may like colors, potential buyers may not. To appeal to a broad range of potential buyers think neutrals, light gray, and white. Anything brighter than this may not appeal to others.

Fix Broken Items

If things are broken such as tiles, a leaky faucet, get these fixed. No matter how small the issue is, potential buyers will not want to fix items or they will ask for a reduction in the asking price to cover the cost of fixing items. This can be small items such as a creaky floorboard to something bigger like a hole in the ceiling. You could choose to get your home professionally inspected and work through the list presented or you could choose to go round your home with a critical eye and fix everything you see.


When you selling your home, you must be aware of smells. This is especially true if you have pets or lack cleaning services, such as chimney sweeps or mold that happened over the winter. If you require help with such services, you may benefit from hiring a professional chimney and duct cleaning team, who can make your chimney as good as new. This will please the potential buyers as they will discover no nasty smells and be able to utilize the stunning feature when they move in. This is especially true if you have pets. You may be nose-blind, so ensure you are aware of your home has smells that may put buyers off. To make your home smell amazing, use fresh-cut floors, bake some bread and use scented candles.


Refresh Accessories 

By updating accessories in your home, you can get it a new lease of life. This means updating your towels, using throws and cushion covers to update your look and adding pops of color. While you may have toned your decorating down with neutrals you can still add a pop of color with accessories to make your home feel lived in and trendy.


If you have a garden, ensure it is in a good state of repair. This means clearing away any rubbish, digging up weeds, and taking care of your lawn. Buy some plants and add these to your entrance to make it look inviting. If you have a garage, tidy this up also. The idea is to present everything in the best possible light.

Wall Art

Using art to make your home look more stylish is a way of updating it without spending too much money. Choose something that you like and that is non-invasive to potential buyers. You will be taking the art with you when you move so choose something you like.


While you won’t want to purchase new furniture, look critically at the furniture you have and rearrange it so it looks and feels better. This may mean removing some items and putting them in storage or hiring items that may look better. Simply moving about the furniture will certainly make you think about the space you have and how to present it to potential buyers.


While you may have your house ready for the market, you will need to research your local housing market. This means doing your homework to find out the value of property in your area. It’s important to know what houses are selling for and what you would like to sell your home for. Compare your home to others on the market and ensure you take note of the tips above to improve your chances of selling.

Listing Agent

Speak to several Realtors to get a feel for each one before deciding on who to list with. Speak to family and friends to see if they can recommend a listing agent that has worked well for them. Word of mouth is often the best way to go as you are sure to get a great service. Realtors will be able to look at your home with a critical eye and give you advice on things you can do to improve the sale. They should be willing to negotiate on their fee and work hard for you to sell your home quickly.

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