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The Foodie’s Guide to Trattorias in Florence

 Florence is the capital city of Italy’s Tuscany region and is one of the most popular cities not just in Europe, but also in the world. This Italian city is regarded as the “birthplace of Renaissance” and is famous for its rich cultural heritage, an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage sites, world-class art, and historic landmarks. And like most cities in Italy, Florence is known for its impressive dining scene that draws millions of people every year.

Although Florence’s dining scene has become more and more diverse over the years, nothing beats enjoying authentic Italian fare in the city. Fortunately, Florence is home to some quality trattorias that are worth a try. A trattoria is typically a family-owned restaurant that serves fresh and unassuming local food. Here are our recommendations for the top trattorias in Florence. (Pro tip: For a seamless dining experience, store your heavy bags at a luggage storage service in Florence.)

  1. Cibrèo Trattoria

Found in the lively neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio, this intimate trattoria is the informal offshoot of the famous fine-dining establishment Cibrèo by renowned chef Fabio Picchi (also of Teatro del Sale fame). Referred to by locals as Cibreino, the walk-in only trattoria boasts a menu comprised of Tuscan and Florentine staple dishes that are way more affordable than those served at its sister restaurant. Some favorites here include the coniglio farcito (stuffed rabbit loin), polpettine di pollo e ricotta (chicken and ricotta meatballs), gran pezzo (roast rack of beef), and their signature flourless chocolate cake.

  1. Il Guscio

This modern trattoria is located in Oltrarno has been inherited by the new generation and updated to cater to a crowd of all ages. Now a famous hangout in the neighborhood, Il Guscio is known for its impressive local dishes, including specialties such as spaghetti alla trabaccolara and the tagliatelle with duck sauce. The trattoria also has a small bar area where patrons can have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

pasta dish on white ceramic plate


  1. Da Ruggero

While this trattoria looks modest, the food it serves is anything but. Da Ruggero is a family-owned restaurant with a menu consisting of traditional local staples and Italian classics and seasonal variations. The trattoria has a strong local following, although it is slowly growing in popularity among tourists despite being outside the tourist area. Some of the bestsellers sold here include the Florentine steak and ribollita (Tuscan bread soup), arista (roast pork), grilled salsicce (spicy sausages), porcini mushrooms, bollito misto (stew with veal and tender beef), and spaghetti alla carrettiera

  1. Trattoria Cammillo

Established in 1945 by the grandfather of current owner Chiara Masiero, this trattoria is considered a dining institution in Florence. The menu is quite varied and features a good mix of fish, meat, and vegetable dishes that change according to the season. Some of Cammillo’s top dishes include classics such as the bistecca alla Fiorentina (T-bone steak), gamberi al curry (curried shrimp), and the lasagna, which is a nod to the Emilian roots of Masiero.

  1. Trattoria Sergio Gozzi

If you’re looking for a no-frills trattoria in the heart of the city, look no further than the Trattoria Sergio Gozzi. An example of what old Florence was like, this restaurant has been around for several years thanks to its impressive lineup of traditional Tuscan dishes. Some of the bestsellers include the alla carrettiera (spicy spaghetti), fried polpette (meatballs), peposa (beef stew in black pepper) and the ribollita. 

  1. Sabatino

Since 1956, the Buccioni family-owned trattoria has been serving traditional home-cooked meals at affordable prices in the Oltrarno area. This trattoria is as traditional as it gets with its white walls, checkered table cloths and rustic-looking interior, and a menu made from staples such as pasta e fagioli (pasta and bean soup), spaghetti al pomodoro, the arista (roasted pork), and roast guinea fowl. Sabatino also has an impressive selection of homemade desserts such as the torta della nonna and tiramisu.

  1. Del Fagioli

Selective Focus Photography of Beef Steak With Sauce


Found not too far from the Piazza Santa Croce, this quaint trattoria has an intimate atmosphere for an authentic dining experience. Del Fagioli features an impressive menu consisting of in-house recipes passed on within the family for generations; it’s impressive enough that the trattoria is included in the prestigious Michelin guide. The restaurant’s house special is the braciola (breaded sliced beef) with founder Gigi’s special sauce. Other noteworthy dishes include the bistecca (steak), pappa al pomodoro and the ribollita.  

  1. Trattoria La Casalinga

For a truly Florentine dining tradition, Trattoria La Casalinga in Santo Spirito is the place to go to. Opened in 1963, this trattoria is cozy and intimate, where diners often share tables with each other, giving people a chance to socialize, chat and discover the true spirit of Italian dining. Being extremely traditional, it’s no surprise that La Casalinga’s menu is comprised of Italian staples such as antipasti, pasta, and Tuscan mains. Plant-based diners would also appreciate the restaurant’s extensive vegetarian menu. Loyal patrons of the restaurant rave about their pasta, particularly the duck ragu and freshly-made pesto. 

  1. Trattoria Sostanza

This hole-in-the-wall dining joint close to the Santa Maria Novella station has been operating in the city since 1869 and is one of the most established restaurants in Florence. Locals flock to this dining spot on a regular basis and its longevity can be attributed to its tried-and-tested menu made up of traditional dishes. 

Their signature dish is the bistecca alla fiorentina, which is constantly rated as among the best steaks in the city. Other highlights at Sostanza include authentic dishes such as the tortino di Carciofi (artichoke frittata) and the tortellini in brodo (pasta in broth). Finish off your meal with the strawberries and cream meringue for dessert. 

  1. Trattoria Mario

Another Florentine favorite, Trattoria Mario has been operating for six decades and is known for its selection of Tuscan cuisine staples served in family-style seating. Bestsellers include authentic Florentine dishes such as their massive cuts of Florentine bistecca (served rare), ribollita (cannellini and bread stew), lampredotto (tripe sandwich), and, of course, Chianti. The place does not take reservations and is on a first-come, first-served basis; just wait for your name to be called for your turn to dine in.

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