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6 Interior Décor Tips For A Compact Space

Who doesn’t love having an elegant yet spacious interior that looks straight out of some celeb’s
mansion? This dream isn't that hard to attain- trust us on that. No matter how gigantic or how
compact your area is, it's all about letting your creativity on the loose.

Now, if you’re one of those who are a bit tight on their interior yet still want it to look smashing-
you’ve stumbled on the right spot. Below are six ways you can make your small area look the
epitome of cozy and classy. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Use L-shaped Couches as Sitters

No matter how small your home is, your living area needs some sitters. Where else are your
guests going to sit? If you can’t fit in some charming armchairs and sofas in your sitting room,
fret not. L-shaped couches seal deals too.

L-shaped sofas are comfortable, space-friendly, and never fail to boost the sophistication of your
space. Plus, they make your living room feel so much more spacious and roomy. You can keep
them under your windows or in any free corner of your sitting room. Imagine relaxing on the l-
shaped couch, reading your favorite book, all the while basking in the sunlight entering your
living room.

2. Include Plants

Plants don’t just offer you oxygen and fresh air to breathe in. They also enhance your room’s
overall aesthetics and serenity. Having small indoor plants on your nightstand or a shelf on the
corner of your bedroom can do wonders. They add a refreshing touch of brightness and fill your
compact space in an elegant and clutter-free way.

Aside from adding plants, you can also opt for an indoor wall fountain since this won't take up much space but can help give off a luxurious and soothing feeling. Adding this water feature and some lush greenery to any space can definitely make any room feel serene and relaxing without taking up too much space!

3. Add Mirrors

It is no newsflash of how vital mirrors are for boosting the openness of your small space. There's
a wide range of mirrors you can use to decorate your interior. These vary from small-squared
ones to dedicating a whole wall or pillar for mirrors. You can hang mirrors beside your shelves
or on top of your chairs or sofas.

Mirrors are quite honestly one of the most modern tools when you're looking for hacks to make
your interior feel more commodious.

4. Light and Bright Walls Are Pretty

Having your walls painted in light or bright shades is one of the best decisions you can make for
your small interior. Lighter tones of beige, greys, and blues, for instance, make miracles happen.
They have this visual impact on your home, making it feel so much more airy, voluminous, and

Light-painted walls matched with furniture of darker shades are the perfect way to achieve your
dream interior that is every inch homely and exquisite.

5. Blinds are Beneficial

While the silky and velvety curtains bring a touch of royal glamour to your home, but if you're
already short on space, we recommend you ditch the curtains for some fancy blinds. Blinds take
up less space and bring an air of grace with them. Installing fresh blinds can also allow you to
monitor how much sun exposure you wish for on a particular day.

Close the blinds if you want some snugness and pull them apart to allow the sun rays in your
room. Blinds are everything contemporary, chic, and charming.

6. Buy Multi-Functional Furniture

Why compromise on your home’s picturesqueness even if you have a compact interior? Get
some multi-functional furniture- duh! A two-in-one coffee table with seats attached under it or a
bed with drawers is some pieces of equipment you can buy.

Such furniture helps you increase the overall storage space of your home. Not only that, but it
also allows you to organize your things neatly. This way, your rooms will feel less stuffy and
more capacious. Imagine having nothing lying outside messily. It's a nice mental image.

You know something else- this way, you'll even have more space to decorate by placing delicate
trinkets and cute decoration pieces. Is this fancy enough for your snug space?


No matter how limited your interior is, don’t let it affect your innovative streak. Make space and
decorate it. That’s the way you will excel in your home’s interior décor.

Hopefully, this guide made you think of all the possibilities you could try out for your home. Be
sure to try at least a few of them and feel the difference in your interior’s vibes right away. You
won’t regret it- that’s for sure. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to thank us later!

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