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Creative Ways To Store Your Travel Gear At Home

 Every avid traveler has essential items that need to be well-stored in their home. While the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people’s vacation trips, it’s an excellent decision to store your travel gear safely in preparation for your post-lockdown travel. Appropriately organizing your travel gear will set you up for a stress-free adventure when you finally get the chance to embark on your next trip. Here are some creative tips for storing your essential travel gear at home.

  1. Store your items beneath your bed

The space right below your bed is one storage space that can house your suitcase and other materials. You can buy a set of bed risers at a local shop that you can use to lift the bed’s feet to a suitable height. This technique will free up extra space to slide in your travel gear. According to organizing expert Donna Smallin Cooper, it helps to store your luggage inside a big bag under your bed. This will keep your luggage free from dust. So, see if there are a few inches of space under your bed, and try to make the most out of the area by keeping your travel gear right there. Another option is using clothes storage bags without vacuum to keep your travel belongings.

  1. Store smaller bags in bigger ones.

It’s a brilliant idea to use your largest suitcase to keep your smaller bags. This can also make a huge difference when it comes to the volume of available space your bags occupy. Assuming you have two or more medium-size bags, these can snugly fit inside your large suitcase, and that’s one way to maximize your storage. However, understand that this form of luggage storage can make retrieving your bags a bit slow when you need to remove one bag from the center of the stack.

  1. Keep your passports and other travel documents in a file box

It’s a core responsibility of travelers to be mindful of where they store their travel documents. Misplacing your passport and other must-have files can spell doom for your next adventure. Have a cabinet or file box in your home for keeping your travel-related documents.  A fire-sealed envelope is also a great investment that can guarantee you access to your travel documents even in the face of emergencies. Some experienced business travelers also recommend keeping your passport with toiletries or social security cards.

  1. Use automated storage facilities

Are you looking for a secure storage unit to keep your items for the long-term or short-term? Well, why not use companies that build self-storage facilities?  Smart entry technology is revolutionizing the self-storage space, and as a result, many people are looking for electronic locks and access control systems. These come with extra security features that allow you to operate self-storage facilities using smart devices.

Unlike the traditional system of keypad locks, automated or contactless move-in storage technology is highly secure and convenient. The latter is also the best option for travelers looking for long-term storage facilities with a higher level of security.

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