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Is Your Home Standing Out For The Wrong Reasons?

Let’s be real here - your home may be standing out for the wrong reasons. Your home could look out of place on the street where you live, or it could feel so much older and dirtier than any other house that your neighbors live in. And as such, you can feel like your home has little to no value, or you might feel a bit embarrassed about being its homeowner.

But your home isn’t a lost cause! There’s a lot you can do to ensure your home looks good and feels right at home in the street it’s located, and with the ideas below, we hope to inspire you to give your house some more curb appeal.


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Does it Look Dirty?

The first thing to think about is how clean your home looks - even when you keep the interior sparkling, people can get the wrong idea if you’ve never washed down the siding or you’ve never swept the pathway to your front door. But these are issues you can do something about right now!

You can get a bucket of water and a sponge and give your home a quick wipe down, or invest in some As New Again Pressure Washing to really give your home a fresh look, or you can invest in a simple broom and make sure your paving and front doorstep has never looked so clear.

Is the Front Too Cluttered? 

Maybe you’ve tried to do up the house before, but once you’d finished up, there were plants and stones and furniture everywhere? If so, there’s a good chance the front of your house looks a bit too cluttered, and that’s usually not a good look (unless you like it!).

Try to cut back a little, and make it a more simple piece; let the plants grow but cut them back a little, and be sure to use some simple pebbles as the pathway up to your front door. Leave some space, let things look a little bare in places, and try to use complementary colors when you’re placing flowers and/or evergreen bushes.

Do the Fixtures Look Out of Place?

Maybe the door is too old or the windows are rusted and starting to mold, or maybe the porch light is straight out of Victorian times on an otherwise contemporary-looking street. No matter the fixtures you have on your home’s exterior, they may need replacing with a few modern, clean, and simple upgrades.

Replacing the front door is the most important thing to do here; it’s the focal point of your home’s entrance, and if it looks a bit rubbish, the rest of your curb appeal efforts aren’t going to do much. Or feel free to paint the front door, as a fresh coat and sand down can really refine the look you’re going for.

If your home looks a bit run down, make sure your home stands out for the reasons you want it to.

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