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Vegan Blogging – Made For Meat-Eaters Too

More and more people are going vegan every year, yet only make up 3% of the American population. That being said, a far greater proportion of people – 39% – have some interest in eating plant-based food as part of their diet, according to statistics reported by USA Today. This is an opportunity for people passionate about their diet and animals to create a window into the vegan diet and lifestyle that will be enjoyed by more than just other vegans, and perhaps create a little more change. One way to achieve this is through the humble blog.

Vegan blogging basics

The basics of effective blogging remain the same for vegans looking to get a message out. You’ll want to clearly define a purpose for your blog in terms of the topics you cover – for example, recipes, activism, lifestyle, and your own story. You’ll also want to make sure you select a host with 99%+ up-time to ensure that your followers aren’t left wanting for content. You’ll also want to build a blogger’s mindset. According to Forbes, the key to this is forming good habits and is committed to writing new content. Do so, and you can expect to find real reach from your blog.

Blog effectiveness

Blogs remain one of the most effective ways that businesses conduct marketing, according to Entrepreneur. Those fundamentals apply well to a passion project, such as a vegan blog looking to spread the good word of the vegan lifestyle and diet. The nature of blogging will help you to identify keywords and phrases that attract the attention of search engines and can help you to bring your message to a wider audience through the medium of digital media.

Making social change

Veganism might not be for everyone, but even a slight change in the diets of non-vegans can create change. That could be a shift away from eating as much meat, which benefits the planet and animals, or a move towards eating ethically farmed meat where animals have had a better chance of a good life. Blogs can create this change. According to marketing expert Jason Tham, blogs have been a huge vector for social change from the ‘00s onward, whether that be from simple awareness of social issues or through organizing greater movements.

In short, putting your worldview through the prism of a blog is a great way to efficiently find new people who will listen. That doesn’t even just mean like-minded vegans. It can help to raise awareness in groups perhaps previously uninterested, and create an even greater level of change.

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  1. These tips add a lot of value to our diet plan and can make us disease free as we grow older with age.


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