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4 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of your house is more important than everything. So, making sure that it looks great will improve your curb appeal. Whether you have a conventional property or a modern bungalow, there are many simple modifications that you can make, from painting your front door to changing the windows to improving the insulation of your home. So, the following are some clever ways to upgrade your home’s exterior, especially if you are looking for ways to beautify the property.


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Replace the windows

Did you know that your windows are the eyes of your house? Therefore, replacing them can significantly help transform the entire personality of your property, especially the house. The best part about this is that you don’t need the permission of the relevant authorities to change the built of the openings and install a new one together with the general design scheme. However, it is a good idea to choose the material that best suits your house and lifestyle. Also, make sure that the material you pick is durable and resilient to all weather conditions.

Landscape renovation

To improve the curb appeal of your property, it is essential to make sure that the surrounding matches the architecture of your house. Your current landscape might not be polished enough or look like something you would want. In this case, you will need an entire landscape (read should I hire a landscape designer, and think about it) renovation. You will need new flowers planted, a swimming pool, a water fountain, and an outdoor kitchen to create a more exciting and attractive exterior. And after that, don’t forget about landscape maintenance practices like lawn mowing and trimming overgrown bushes and trees.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can make a significant impact on the exterior look of your house. They tend to show the definition and depth of flat features and add up to the safety feature of your property, which many homebuyers look for when buying a new home. Consider adding motion-sensing lights to enhance the security of your property and low-voltage lights to light up the pathways and other dark places of your property.  Besides, you can decide to pick the trendy solar features too.

Paint and finishes

Does your home have a stone cladding or an old make, many color bricks or pebbledash? If yes, you can consider replacing the materials to get a fresh new look. Today, the most popular finishing is cladding and rendering. On the other hand, fiber-cement, weatherboarding, stone tiles, and metals are alternatives you can try. However, if you are on a strict budget, you can always repaint the exterior of your house.

Garage improvement

Most of the time, when people think of the improvements they can make to improve their curb appeal, the garage isn’t considered. However, the truth is that replacing the mostly neglected garage door can increase your return on investment by almost ninety-nine percent. But if you don’t have a garage, consider taking on other schemes like renovating other additions to your house like the shed.

The bottom line

Now more than ever, the house exterior is more vital. And whether you live in a small house or own a luxurious mansion, there are many reasons to upgrade your home’s exterior. Besides, an upgraded exterior only shows that you are a caring homeowner, thus offering more to potential buyers.

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