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Purple Trail Planner Review

A planner was provided to me at no charge in exchange for a review. I did not have to publish a positive review, so all words here are my original thoughts.

I adore paper planners. I love to write in them, creating to-do lists, goals, and reflections that will help me grow as a business.  When I decided to review the Purple Trail Planner, I did so because I was in love with all the personalization options. There is a lot to choose from, which makes your planner unique to you!

Planner cover options

There are so many designs for your cover to choose from (over 200+) and you can customize the text on the front of the cover.  All the colors are changeable, and you can even upload your own creative design.  You can choose from a laminated, hardcover, or a synthetic cover, or even make it feel like a hard-covered book with a sewn-in binding.  I chose the soft, laminated cover.  It's flexible and you can wipe it down, which is important to me, as I work sometimes in public schools.  I chose this beautiful shell pink cover that you see in the top photo.

Layout Options

You will find a layout option that will work for you because there are so many to choose from!  There are daily planners with options for daily, weekly, or monthly layouts, styles for moms, students, teachers, and bloggers.  You can choose from horizontal or vertical layouts, and even the pages themselves can be colorful or single colors. I chose the weekly custom layout because my planner holds my work as an adjunct professor, Teacher Development Specialist, blogger, student, and student-teacher supervisor. I need a lot of space for all that, so I also chose the largest of the sizes, the 8.5 by 11" one.  Aren't these pages the cutest?  I love that I can doodle on them, add stickers, and be creative as I want in this planner. Another great option, you can have the planner start whatever month you want it to.  

Add-on Sections

To personalize your planner even more, you can add up to four sections to add on to your planner. You can do it as a tabbed section in the back, or have a few pages to each month. I chose to add all my sections to the back, with these choices:  an account tracker for the blog and my work expenses, dotted grid paper, and lined notepaper. I also added a pocket for loose papers, so I kept my choices to three add ons.

Overall Quality

I prefer to work with smaller planner companies because I have always had top-notch planners. This planner is continuing that high mark. My cover is thicker than the Erin Condren planners I purchased in the past.  The coil is metal and heavy-duty without looking industrial. The divider pages and tabs are also heavy-duty and neatly cut.  

Final Thoughts

I love my Purple Trail Planner. I don't get to use it until next October (sheesh, what was I thinking!!) but I have already begun to add birthdays, goals, future blog posts, and more into the planner.  Having next year's planner already available is helping me get super organized for next year and I am loving it.  First dates penciled in were travel dates and camping dates.  I know what is important!  

Happy planning, everyone!

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