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Party Invitations by Basic Invite

So when I get excited about a product, I want to share it with everyone.  I love love love sending cards and invitations to my friends and I have to tell you all about Basic Invite, a website that allows you to have almost unlimited color options with instant previews, all online.  Are you thinking what I am thinking, all you brides?  Perfect matches to your color palettes, each of you!  Basic Invite offers cards in gold, silver and rose gold foils, too, and flat or raised foil on all their foil design. So lovely.

It's super easy, select a design, change the color of each element on the card (0ver 180 colors to choose from!), and order!  You can order a printed sample of your invite before you place the final order, too. That way you can be impressed with the paper quality and how the print looks. You can color coordinate the envelopes, too, with over 40 different colors.  The envelopes are "peel and seal" so no yucky glue taste, or paper cuts on your tongue.  😒

And now my favorite feature: Basic Invite will invite your friends (via a link) on social media to request their addresses. These are stored in your private customer account and selected when you design the card. Then the recipient's address gets printed on the card envelope at no extra cost.  What????

Right now I am into all the wonderful invitations for that special milestone:  The 5-0.  I'm past that one but I have a few friends approaching this beautiful birthday and I have sent them here fifty birthday invitations to find that perfect invitation to reflect on their special birthday.  Here are some of my favorites!

I want to be invited to these parties, don't you?  

I am loving these birthday party invitation, too.  I mean, I do have a birthday coming up in November, which one should I choose?  I think I need a party. With wine.  

But honestly, what is cuter than a first birthday? These first birthday invitation are so precious. My daughter's good friend recently had a first birthday party for her daughter with rainbows. I just loved it. I saw the photos afterward and I was just giddy over all the details!

So the best news ever:  Basic Invite is extending a discount code for anyone who reads this post and buys some invitations for their next event!  When you checkout, add the code 15FF51 and you will receive 15% off your order!

I highly recommend that you check out Basic Invite on their social media accounts for all kinds of great ideas for parties.  Their Instagram account is gorgeous!

Social Media Links: @basicinvite





Leave me a comment about your favorite card on this post, or on one of their social media feeds! I love to hear from you! 💬💗

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