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When Choosing Your Home Lighting: Consider These Factors

Did you know that the lighting in your home has a significant effect on your mood? It can also affect how you see colours, textures and shapes. For example, your choice of wall colour will impact the way light reflects off it, affecting your view of what is happening in the room. Incorporating natural light into your space is always best because it's free. One solution for those who don't have windows or want to control their lighting is using mirrors - they are fun and can act as dividers between rooms. And lastly, if none of these solutions works for you, there are plenty more options available, like lamps with shades or track lighting systems.

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Choose Appropriate Lighting Options 

In addition to using natural lighting, choose appropriate lighting options for different rooms in your house. For example, in a bathroom or kitchen, you should have bright light bulbs so that it is easier to see when doing tasks like washing dishes and cooking food.  Looking at the pendant lights section would probably be your best bet for these rooms.

If there are areas where people spend most of their time, such as living rooms or dining spaces, make sure these rooms are well lit with more lights. For example, try choosing dimmable lamps next to chairs and couches.

If you want ambient lighting without too much brightness, consider purchasing cool white LED bulbs or string lights. String lights can also be incredible decorations around window sills.

Your Choice of Wall Colour

Your choice of wall colour affects the feeling of your room. For example, if you choose a light colour for your walls, it may feel more open and airy than if you have dark colours on the wall. 

Consider choosing two different shades of paint so that some parts are darker and others lighter to give the impression of depth and dimensionality to the space. If having multiple wall colours doesn't look right with your home's design, you can incorporate a lighter wall colour in some areas and darker in others by adding wainscoting or different levels of moulding.

If you choose to paint the walls white, consider having other parts such as cabinets, ceilings or floorboards of a slightly darker shade so that it leads to depth when looking at the room from an overall perspective.

Incorporate Natural Lighting 

Incorporating more light into a space has many benefits, including increasing brightness which helps produce serotonin and decreasing depressive symptoms if there isn't enough light coming through windows. Other benefits include improving skin tone and reducing sleep problems for those who have trouble sleeping due to lack of light.

Use natural lighting as much as possible by placing windows in strategic locations, especially if you live in a dark or dull space. In addition, using task lights like reading and desk lamps can help illuminate other parts of the room, so it does not feel too dreary when there is no sunlight coming through. 

Working on Alternative Solutions Like Using Mirrors

If you are considering a home makeover, work on other alternatives, too, such as using mirrors. Mirrors can help make a room seem bigger since it reflects more space. You may also want to consider purchasing some décor that helps tie everything together, especially if there are parts of your home that feel disjointed or disconnected from one another. 

A few ideas include buying flower vases near the windows and placing end tables next to chairs with coffee table books displayed inside.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing your home lighting. You should consider the colour of the walls, natural light available in a room, and how you will be using each room. You also need to think about possible alternatives like the use of mirrors if necessary. Choosing proper lighting can make your house look bright and inviting as well as functional.

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