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5 Ways to Style Your Study

 Studying is the place where you can be creative and express yourself. And with a bit of planning, organization, and decluttering, it can also be an organized space that helps you get things done. From deciding what to buy from an online home decor store and deciding what to throw away when you declutter, here are six tips that will help you:


The first step to styling your study is decluttering. It’s challenging to make a space feel organized and inviting when it’s littered with clothes, books, and magazines. But that doesn’t mean you have to toss all of your stuff. You can find ways to incorporate it into your style—just make sure it feels intentional and not cluttered. Decluttering is easy: get rid of things you don't need and be mindful about preventing clutter buildup.

Plan and Prioritize

Style your study room by planning and prioritizing. First, know what is essential to you in space and what isn’t. Then, make a list of the things that need to be bought or found—you may want to start with more flexible items like a chair or desk before seasonal things like decorations for your wall. Lastly, prioritize which items are most important as you begin decorating. Once you have a list ready, you can get what you need from an online home decor store or go shopping.

Be Creative with Storage

Storage containers are the best ways to declutter your space and keep your study neat. You can use anything from boxes to shoe racks, but you must keep these containers organized and labeled so you know what goes where. Another way to get creative with storage is by using a hanging organizer: it helps reduce clutter in your room and keeps your books off the floor, so they don't get damaged or dirty. If you prefer not to have something hanging from the ceiling, another option would be a cabinet or shelf unit that sits on top of a desk (or even under it).

Let There Be Light

To make the most of your study space, you'll want to choose lighting that enhances the features of your room. Natural light is ideal for a large study with many windows, but you can also use artificial lighting effectively. The color and amount of light will depend on your needs for studying and concentration—you may find that dimmer lights help you focus better than bright ones, or vice versa. Whatever lighting system works best for you, it's essential to have natural or artificial light in every room where people spend a lot of time studying or working.

Maximize Your Space

As you're figuring out how to use every inch of space, think about ways to maximize your space. For example, if you have a table with one extra chair, have a friend bring their laptop and sit in the corner. If there's a window nearby and the weather is nice enough for it to be open during summertime, put an office chair next to the window so that person can also sit there. It's convenient for them (if they need privacy), and it frees up almost all of your table for working on projects or studying! Another option is to create a storage wall using bookshelves or cabinets as dividers between study spaces. By doing this, each person will know where they are supposed to put their things while still retaining their area without having everything cluttering up the joint space around them.


As you can see, there are many ways to style your study. You can choose the one that best fits your style and needs. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. 

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