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Reasons You Should Switch to Bike from Car For Daily Commute



Car drivers and bike riders seem to be at a war that has been going on forever. People driving cars think that cyclists don't have much regard for road rules, and they pedal with the death wish on the streets. At the same time, cyclists believe that car drivers don’t have any consideration for any other people using the roads.

This tension can create personality shifts. If you drive a car to work, you may have to deal with the challenges of going to work, especially given the traffic congestion in most cities. Switching to a bike may be a healthy alternative. Here are some reasons to consider switching to a bike for your daily commute to work.


Bikes Are Healthier


There is no question that cyclists are healthier than car drivers. Reports have stated that cyclists live longer lives and are more fit than their counterparts who drive cars. Biological data deduced from tests conducted on people aged 40 to 69 clearly stated that getting a bike will be far healthier for you.

These studies have revealed that people who ride different types of bikes to commute daily have lower body fat percentages and body mass indexes than those who drive cars. The men who cycle weigh 5kg less on average than those who drive cars. In women, cyclists weigh 4.5 kg less than a car-driving woman.


Bikes Promote Equality Amongst The Genders


The bike is known to be more egalitarian, in contrast to cars that have been targeted towards men mainly for the first 100 years, making it a male-dominated domain. Bikes are known to have played a role in aiding the struggle for gender equality. The end of the 19th century saw women taking to their bikes in significant numbers. Women had to bring changes to their clothing to be more comfortable riding bikes; this meant that bloomers replaced big-hooped dresses. Bikes also allowed women to be more independent and enabled them to travel faster to great distances without having to rely on men. 


You Get To Burn Calories Instead of Gasoline


Cycling at a slow pace of just 15 km per hour will allow you to burn almost 400 calories in about an hour. By picking up the pace and cycling 22 km per hour, you will be able to shed 700 calories. You can significantly improve your aerobic fitness, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce risks for strokes and heart disease, and also boost your energy levels by cycling.

You can continue cycling until you are old, as it is a low-impact exercise. Certain researches have also revealed that the citizens who cycle can live up to seven years longer than those who do not.


Bikes Are Less Likely To Get Stolen


Theft is something all owners need to be concerned about, but when it comes to bikes, if you don’t park in the same spot every day and if you can manage to secure your bike adequately, there is far less risk of it getting stolen. Cars are at more risk as you cannot physically secure them to something, and you don’t always get to park in your preferred spot due to the lack of available parking spaces. This is one more reason you should consider switching to bikes if you drive a car for a daily commute.


No Traffic Gridlocks For Bikes


When riding your bike, you don't need to worry about facing any traffic jams as there are no jams with bikes. Riding a bike will enable you to reach your destination on time and in a relaxed and happy mood. You also will be able to rely on the commute time on a bike as it is consistent. This way, you will get more time in bed in the morning. Commuting daily on a bike also has another advantage; you won’t have to go through the hassle of locating a parking space near you, which also means not having to pay for parking your car anymore too. Just make sure that you use the proper tires from https://www.thebiketyreshop.com/ when cycling in the city as it's dangerous to have an unfit bicycle for the road.


You Are Unlikely To Get Wet


Contrary to what many people think, you are not very likely to get wet on a bike. Rather, you will most likely get soaked on four days out of every 100 if you cycle to and from work each day. Even if you live in an area prone to regular downpours all year round, you can buy wet gear readily available in the markets in recent years to stay mostly dry and avoid getting soaked while commuting on your bike.


You Can Save A lot Of Money


Driving a car to work and back every day means spending money on fuel. This will be exponentially high if you have to cover a great distance. Not just fuel, you will also have to spend money on car parts, tires, and general servicing and maintenance of the car, which can amount to a pretty significant amount of money at the end of the month. Even having to perform repairs on the vehicle can be pretty expensive, considering the make of your car and the availability of parts.

With bikes, you have to face nearly none of these costs. You save up on fuel, and parts are less expensive. Maintaining and repairing your bike is more affordable than any car. So switching to bikes will save a lot of money.


Summing Up


As discussed in this article, you will benefit significantly if you switch to a bike from your car for your daily commute. You will be able to save money on fuel, repair, and maintenance, you won’t be stuck in traffic jams, you will be more fit due to the extra physical activity, and the chances of your bike getting stolen are limited. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to switch to a bike from your car and prioritize your health and finances in the process. 

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