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What To Know When Buying A Closet Rod And Shelves

 Closet rods and shelves are not often given the attention they deserve, but they are an essential part of any wardrobe. Make sure you get the right one for your space and your needs. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision.


Not all closets are created equally, so some may be better than others depending on the space available and the items to be stored there. Get your closet rod high enough to fit the tallest item of clothing you plan to keep in the closet. An easy way to determine the proper height is to measure the center point of the shortest item of clothing you plan on storing and use this figure to determine the height of the closet rod. Note that this will be slightly different for different people.

For shelves, consider the amount of storage space you need and how much space you have available. Consider placing extra shelving in awkward spaces to help maximize your storage capacity.


Most closets are at least a part of a walk-in closet and, therefore, can be as long as the entire room or as small as a few shelves in a linen closet. So a closet rod or shelf should ideally be as long/tall as your closet to allow for more room to organize your clothes and other items. However, you should also consider the size of the closet rod and shelf in terms of proportion to the rest of the room. For example, if the ceiling of your room is low, the closet rod and shelves should be shorter than if the ceiling is high. Keep this in mind when choosing your closet rod and shelves to ensure they don’t overpower the rest of the room.


The material of the closet rod and shelves is also important to consider as it can have an impact on both the aesthetics of the room and its durability. Wood is a classic choice that looks great in traditional and contemporary homes. You can also paint or stain it to customize its look to suit your needs. Metal rods can also be stylish and durable but are more prone to rusting over time than wood. Plastic is another popular option as it is durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Whichever material you choose for your rod and shelves, be sure to choose one that is durable enough to handle the heavy loads of clothes you will be storing. When selecting the correct type of materials, it primarily comes down to personal preference.


Shelves are handy when maximizing space and filling awkward voids in a room’s design. There are various options available such as floating shelves, open shelving units, and custom built-ins. There are also ready-made designs that you can easily install to improve the organization of your space. Floating shelves are lightweight and flexible and can hold a wide variety of items.

They are generally easy to install and can be moved around as needed, so if you need to relocate them in the future, you can easily move them too. Open shelving units are great for displaying decorative items such as collectibles, books, or family photos. They provide a clean look and make an attractive addition to any room. Built-in shelving is the most customizable option available, as you can design it to your exact specifications. It is also the most costly option, as the design must be custom-made and installed for each location.

You can also install a closet organizer that can help you maximize storage and space by creating a functional and beautiful storage solution for any house room. Closet organizers can be custom-designed to incorporate additional features such as a drawer unit, hanging rack, and adjustable shelves and can be used to store clothing, shoes, and accessories. They come in a wide range of styles and materials and can easily be incorporated into any decor.


Getting closet rods and shelves that meet your needs is important if you want to maximize the storage space in your home. It can also create more bedroom space and make your bedroom look and feel more organized and clutter-free.

While rods and shelves are often overlooked items, they can be extremely useful and help you transform your room into a stylish and organized haven. Your closet space will feel like a completely new room with these additions, and your days will feel calmer and more restful as well.

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