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Top Secret: Where to Hide Money at Home

Why do you need to hide money at home? In the 21st century, in the age of technology and developed banking systems, it is very difficult to give a reasonable answer to this question. Almost the wholworld has switched to cashless payments, and doors with access control protect our houses and apartments at first glance reliably. However, is this true?

The first thing to know is that you don't need to store significant amounts of cash at home, ideally. After all, you cannot stay in the apartment all the time, and such locks that cannot be opened do not yet exist. Have you seen how skillfully in movies they open the most complex security systems? The thought immediately arises that burglars can deal with your modest combination lock in a minute. Any places to hide money in the apartment can be chosen cleverly. Then we can decide for ourselves upon the option of where to keep money in an apartment, a house, or in the yard.

And even though it's not worth keeping large sums of money at home, a small amount of emergency cash may be needed at a time when there is no access to an ATM. So before you try to figure out how to send money to Turkey just so you don’t spend it, you might want to first think about some of these clever hiding places.

Whatever you want to hide, we have collected the best and most original hiding spots for money. And if all that fails, you should consider safe deposit boxes.

Where Should You Not Hide Money?

As a safe place for material values that immediately come to mind or known to everyone from films are not suitable. When deciding where to hide valuables in an apartment, you should immediately delete from your list such places as:

Toilet tank

In addition to being quite popular, this place is also unreliable. In the event that you do not pack cash and valuables well enough in the waterproof container or Ziploc bag, you risk them being damaged by water.

Cereal box and other bulk products

Even if at first glance it seems like a good place to store cash, in fact, an experienced thief will definitely go there.


You might think it's a good idea to hide money inside food containers, but it's also a very popular way to hide money, which means it's not reliable enough.

Books and CDs

Very popular way to store cash. And unless you have a royal library with hundreds or thousands of books, don't use this place to hide money.

The area behind the ventilation grill

Hiding money here is also very common, and therefore, with a high probability a thief will pay attention to this place.

First of all, burglars inspect cabinets and chests of dresser drawers, look under the mattress and carpet, and check picture frames and photographs hanging on the walls.

15 Best Places to Hide Money at Home

When choosing secret hiding places, you need to look for non-standard solutions. These include:


When answering the question of where to hide money, most of us first think about a safe. Indeed, why make a tricky cache in an apartment with your own hands if its reliability is doubtful, and there are ready-made - and at first glance perfect - safes on sale.

It turns out that everything is not so simple and sometimes you risk more with a safe than with a homemade cache.

One of the less reliable ways to hide money is to put it in a wall safe. Another is a compact office model, which often has weak fasteners. It is easier for a robber to take such a safe out of the apartment and crack the code in a calm environment.

However, competent disguise helps to make the safe more reliable. For example, it can be a niche behind a mirror or a picture. The main thing is that the decor looks organic on the wall and does not hint at its secrets with obvious loops.

Secret Room

A secret door is usually called a flush-mounted door, but we suggest going further. Let the door in the apartment not be like a door at all. It could be a fake bookcase section or wall decor.


Another idea for those who are just building a house or carrying out repairs is a shallow underground, especially since the floor level often has to be raised due to underfloor wiring.

To store money and other valuables securely, you can install a lid with a key and put a chest of drawers on top. If you need easy access, a modular floor or a small podium will do.

Air Duct

Another place where you can store money in an apartment is an air duct.

This hiding place is not the safest, you will have to glue the valuables from the inside onto a strong adhesive tape.

More difficult is to hide the money in a metal case and fix it on good magnets.

An important nuance: your treasure should not be large. Otherwise, you will block the air duct itself.

Fake Plumbing Pipes

Caches in the apartment in the most unexpected places are reliable protection for your valuables. Who would think of looking for money in your plumbing system?

To create a safe hiding place, you need to take a cut of the similar pipe that is already installed in your bathroom and mount it parallel to the real one.

A large treasure will not fit in such a cache, but twisted bills - completely.

Double Bottom

The drawer for utensils is an inspiring example of a simple do-it-yourself hiding place in the apartment.

We cut out the second "bottom" according to the size of the dresser drawer, put the stash, and cover it with a board - and the cache is ready.

The main thing is that it should not be too deep - otherwise, the discrepancy between the shape of the box and the internal volume will be striking.

Curtain Rods

You will be surprised, but they put money in curtain rods too. It is a safe, inconspicuous place.

So that the money stash does not inadvertently end up in the middle of the curtain rod, from where it is almost impossible to get it, it would be good to create an obstacle to movement - for example, in the form of a wine cork or other object that passes into its diameter.

Fake Electric Outlet

A slightly more complicated way to hide money. However, it is efficient. You can buy a fake socket in the store and install it yourself.

Medicine Cabinet

It is advisable not just to put money in a box of medicines but to complicate the task.

Use an empty band-aid box or a vitamin or sanitizer jar to put cash inside.

An Empty Jar

This expands your imagination. Which empty jar to use or buy a special stash can - the choice is yours.

However, you will make it very difficult for thieves if they have to search for money among dozens or hundreds of identical jars in your pantry.

Couch Cushions

Not the best place to hide money, as it is quite popular.

If there is no alternative or you need to act quickly, choose a piece of furniture that is difficult or impossible to feel. Maybe the thief won't waste his time checking each and every piece of furniture.

Fish Tank

This is a pretty safe place if you are lucky enough to have an aquarium.

Seal the money as securely as possible and hide it in the fish food or under the aquarium, depending on its configuration.

If your aquarium has no water and lots of decorations, the better to hide the cash inside. But be careful that your pet doesn't show interest in the cash.

Children's room

You can use kid's toys, clothes, carpeting, or even a tissue box.

It is difficult to call this place unambiguously reliable, but there is usually chaos in the children's room, making it much more difficult to find anything there.

Hair Brush

One atypical but good place to hide money is to hide it in a hairbrush or other personal item.

Used deodorant, toilet paper roll, or lip balm can be a great place for a couple of bills.

Feminine Hygiene Products

It may seem strange, but many men will not open these places and search them for cash.

Therefore, one of the boxes or the toilet paper roll can become a reliable place in this case.

The Best Places to Hide Cash in the Yard

If you live in a house and have a private plot, and the amount of money you want to hide for a while is not so small, you can consider arranging a stash in the yard.

This method is also suitable for hiding valuables. Stick to a couple of important tips:

Choose Location Carefully

This should be a place where the valuables you have hidden will not be dug out ahead of time.

It is advisable to choose a place where rain will not fall on the ground and children will not play.

Pack Securely

It doesn't matter what you choose to hide, but outside, wherever you choose to hide your valuables, weather conditions can be devastating.

You need to protect your belongings with secure packaging such as a zipper bag.

Leave a Mark

It will be very frustrating to hide something and then lose it.

To avoid this, make a mark near the cache that only you can understand, or draw a small map, just like in old adventure novels.

Another Tip to Keep Your Money Safe

Burglars don’t want to leave empty-handed.

They need to act quickly and will break furniture, throw bedding and books off the shelves, and spill cereal boxes in search of a place where cash or gold jewelry is hidden.

To avoid this, it is worth giving the attackers what they need.

We recommend hiding an amount that is not critical but able to interest the thief in a less obvious place. Place the main savings in 1-2 reliable hiding places.

Of course, it is a pity to lose any money. But perhaps the criminal will decide that the goal has been achieved - he has found the hidden money and can leave to not risk further.

We hope that after reading this article, you know exactly where to hide money at home and you will leave the house more calmly. Your home should be an unshakable fortress. Choose the best place to hide money and keep your money safe at home.

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