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Home Makeovers: Don’t Just Improve The Home, Maintain It

Creating a better home environment is a priority shared by all homeowners. Aside from enhancing your daily home life, it can protect your family as well as your greatest financial asset. 

However, true success doesn’t stem from simply making improvements. You also need to maintain them to see the full benefits of the upgrades. Make this a conscious effort when updating your home by focusing on the project below and you won’t go far wrong.

Opt For Low Maintenance Backyard Makeovers

Before looking at internal home improvements, it’s best to think carefully about any proposed backyard updates. Decluttering the garden and completing general landscaping duties is one thing. But the maintenance is another altogether. This is something you must consider if you wish to enjoy the outside spaces rather than spend all of your time taking care of them.

Swimming pools, for example, are great fun but will require a lot of maintenance. Meanwhile, if you hate the thought of constantly mowing the lawn, you could switch to an artificial lawn. Smarter decisions regarding plants can make life a lot easier too. Durable patio furniture and the right BBQ stove should also aid the cause. 

When supported by a pressure washer, keeping the spaces clean will be easy.

Prevent Structural Damage

Structural damage will blow a hole in your finances while often putting your family’s health at 

risk. Therefore, it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to prevent this. Depending on your location, putting flood barriers or window shutters in place will be necessary. Meanwhile, every homeowner should keep their roofing and windows in good health.

Aside from damage caused by adverse weather, this will help control the atmosphere and humidity. Sadly, mold growth could quickly damage your health and property. Finding custom made air filters can provide the perfect solution. The air quality will be greatly improved while also reducing the amount of dust that ends up on your floors and furniture.

Blocking all potential pest access points should aid the cause too. 

Protect Yourself Against Intrusions

Pests aren’t the only creatures that you want to keep out of your property. It is equally crucial that you stop burglaries. Even if you have home insurance in place, clearing up the mess and repairing products can be a timely and costly process. Moreover, the emotional damage will severely harm your relationship with the property.

Implementing practical security tips before a vacation is vital. Many of the steps will actively support you throughout the year. Having good visibility of your backyard is another effective way to make your home less appealing to thieves. By preventing others from causing damage to the home, you will avoid returning home to a trashed property.

Furthermore, it should deliver the peace of mind that your family deserves.

Use Timeless Styles

Whether completing a kitchen upgrade or a bathroom makeover, it is tempting to follow the latest trends. By the time you’ve completed the upgrade, though, the latest fad will be about to emerge. Sadly, this could result in regret from a design perspective while any ROIs may be reduced. It is far better to opt for classic designs with a timeless appeal.

Choosing a marble kitchen counter, for example, is sure to deliver years of enjoyment. After all, you can always repaint the cabinets if needed at a later date. Likewise, choosing a classy sink style, perhaps with advanced features like filter taps, will serve you well. Especially when integrated into a clear design theme.

Kitchens and bathrooms shouldn’t need updating more than once per decade. Embrace it.

Image - Pixabay CC0 License

Create More Storage

If you find that your home regularly looks messy, it might be due to a lack of storage. Families now possess more goods than ever before, which is why it helps to declutter the home first. Selling unwanted goods can also generate revenue to fund your home upgrades. Besides, many items like music collections can now be stored online.

Even so, you will need to create more storage. You can do this by revamping the internal organizational aspects of drawers and cupboards. Or you could build storage facilities under the stairs or use hooks behind doors. Floor to ceiling storage in alcoves is another fantastic choice. If you have a pantry, be sure to make the most of this area.

If all else fails, a self storage unit can be hired to store seasonal goods like clothes.

Use Smart Tech

Modern tech improves virtually all aspects of our lives. When utilized to its full potential, it can completely transform your home for the better. While it does require an initial outlay, most of the items will pay for themselves in the long run. Moreover, they deliver a better quality of life and require minimal maintenance or care.

This is because Smart thermostats and entertainment systems use machine learning and automation. So, they will actively adapt to your situation over time. This means that you gain optimized performance levels to reduce energy waste, enhance the home experience, and save time. In many cases, Smart home tech can alert you to problems too.

The clue is in the title: this is a Smart way to upgrade the home for long-term benefits.

Image - Pixabay CC0 License

Select Items Where You Can Repair Damaged Elements

The harsh reality is that your home will naturally encounter wear and tear. However, the thought of having to replace an entire floor or appliance because of damage is the stuff of nightmares. Making a conscious effort to find items where you can replace individual aspects as required is an ideal move. And not only when thinking about air filters.

You could replace the hardware on cabinets or replace a broken wall panel rather than the entire wall. Likewise, replacing cushion covers or seat upholstery will save you time and money. It also makes the home greener while you gain the benefits of mixing familiarity with new items. Perfect.

Build a home that you can enjoy and relax in. You will not regret it.

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