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Making Your Home in Myerstown, PA, More Appealing to Buyers

 Homeownership is a dream for millions of Americans. While renting apartments or houses limits what you can do with the property and contains no investment value, buying a home gives you the freedom to customize the property and build equity that will pay dividends in the future. The longer you live in the home and continue to pay a mortgage, the more you will benefit when it comes time to sell.

Selling a home can be just as stressful as buying one. Depending on the type of market you are in, you may be competing with hundreds of other homeowners to attract buyers that will make an offer on the property. In a buyer’s market, sellers must look for a competitive advantage that will make their homes stand out from the rest. Even in markets that favor sellers, you should still try to get the best offer that you can.

When you start to think about selling your home, it is time to consider how to make the property more appealing for buyers in Myerstown, PA. Here are a few ideas that can help you entice more buyers and better offers that will put money in your pocket.

Clean Exterior and Interior

Real estate is a very visual industry. Rarely do buyers consider a home that they have not seen, either through pictures from an online listing or in person. Presenting the best possible image to buyers is critical when trying to sell a home for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to clean things up. Use a power washer for the porch, deck, siding, and other exterior surfaces to get rid of stains. Keep the lawn mowed, the edges trimmed, and the weeds out. De-clutter the interior so that pictures look more open and any visitors that may be interested in buying can picture their things in the home easily. A clean home looks more ready for move-in, which can entice buyers to check out the property and consider putting in an offer.

Curb Appeal Features

Curb appeal refers to the impression that people get when they first see the outside of your home, either from the street or from pictures. Positive curb appeal means that your property looks nice, which may be enough to grab a potential buyer’s attention and make them want to come inside.

You can add multiple elements to the exterior spaces to boost curb appeal. Find a stone supplier in Myerstown to put in some decorative stones around the entryway or a pathway. Put in a garden with a mixture of perennials and annuals to add some more color to the property’s exterior. Upgrade old shutters so that the colors are no longer faded or the style is more modern. If you want that “wow” factor, put a water feature in the yard, like an ornate fountain or a DIY stream. Strong curb appeal often leads to potential buyers learning more about your home.

Upgrade Old Elements

The worst-case scenario for a buyer is purchasing a home and then discovering some major maintenance flaw that will require even more money to address. They already spent a ton of money securing the home, and now they have to spend even more to maintain it. On the seller’s side, an inspection may catch these kinds of flaws anyways, which may result in the buyer looking elsewhere for a home. If your home has old features that are in disrepair or not working effectively, they may need to be addressed before selling. Otherwise, buyers will expect a lower price point.

If the roof needs replacing, find a reliable roofing company to handle this large-scale project. Take care of fixtures that are leaking or otherwise dysfunctional. Invest in new, more energy-efficient appliances. A home that has been taken care of is far more appealing to buyers and likely to fetch stronger offers. 

Professional Photos

The quickest way into the heart of a buyer is high-quality photos of your property. However, taking these pictures yourself could be a mistake. Professional photographers know how to use light and space to their advantage, especially if they are experienced in real estate photography. The wrong angle could make a room look smaller than it is in reality, and since these pictures are the first impression of your home, it is better to make sure that impression is positive. Let your real estate agent handle the pictures, or ask them for a recommendation for a local professional photographer.

Selling Takes Work

While buyers simply have to worry about their budgets and searching for a home, sellers often have some work to do before this transaction is completed. The more competitive the market is for sellers, the more they have to worry about attracting buyers. The steps listed above can give you a big advantage over other sellers, especially if you implement several of them. If you are willing to put in the work, you should be able to sell your home Myerstown home for a great price.

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