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Living In Strict Student Halls? Here's How To Cope

Student living is a brand new social experience for many people, even adults who go into university a little later in life. Living in halls or as part of your campus dormitory requires interacting with a whole new group of people from many walks of life, all with the same priorities as you - to study their chosen career discipline, to gain their independence, and yes, to have fun.


However, living in student halls isn’t always a non-stop party (at least if you’re in a well-maintained space). In some cases, your natural urge to be a fun-loving but ultimately harmless student might have you knocking heads against very strict administration that requires multiple apartment checks, has strict rules on socializing and partying, and seems to be very terse about you having friends over, especially to stay the night. Of course, maintaining order and peace in the dormitory is important, but this requires time, which you can save by using the services of cheap dissertation writing services. Kill two birds with one stone - you will get both time and good grades."

If you find yourself in a student hall with stricter-than-necessary administration staff, then please consider some of the following advice:

Have A Cleaning Rota In Place

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to keep your student halls in good condition. That’s why it’s good to have a cleaning rota in place with other members of the dorm. Some might take the bins out on certain days, others might clean the refrigerator, and some may vacuum on certain days. If you have four people in an apartment, then only once a month does each person have to take part in those chores. While you won’t look super-cool by suggesting the rota, it saves everyone's effort and prevents them from living in a place where you may gain warnings or fines for bad housekeeping. Here you can also clear up bottles, use a cannabis odor neutralizer, or make sure your dishes are always stored correctly.

Keenly Review Contractual Obligations

Of course, you are a free agent who has entered into a contract, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear or worry about what the administration will say. That’s not a fair bargain for a relatively normal life as a student. For this reason, make sure you know exactly what’s required of you. This may include keeping the property in good condition, keeping noise levels during the week down, and not having guests by a certain time. This way, if you’re penalized for anything outside of the contract, you can get that in writing and raise the complaint to the property managers.

Document Everything

If you feel that you’re genuinely being targeted or that someone in the administration takes their job way too seriously and over the line, it can be helpful to document all the correspondence and rules you have. For instance, taking pictures of your student halls before each inspection can help you dispute small issues that may be brought up. You can also better document poor communications you’ve received, contradictions in policies being enforced, issues that may not be your fault, and dispute fines or warnings that you may be given. This is frustrating to deal with while you’re trying to study, but it can help you avoid unwanted fines and more.

With this advice, you’re sure to cope with living even in strict student halls.

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