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Exciting Desserts to Make With Your Cream Charger

 Many enthusiastic home chefs and frequent hosts have a whip cream charger: they’re more convenient than buying a whole case of grocery store whipped topping, as well as tastier and more eco-friendly. In addition, those who entertain regularly may find them to be highly cost-effective in the long run, because smaller nitrous oxide canisters can be very expensive and hard to source on short notice.

The best part of cream chargers is that they are incredibly versatile, able to assist you in making a plethora of different desserts. Today we’ll discuss some dishes that you may not have considered when you purchased your unit; by the time you’ve tried them all, you’ll swear off buying desserts from bakeries forever, as your homemade creations will be leagues above the rest.

Crêpes with whipped cream

Crêpes are a highly customizable food that can be filled and topped in a variety of different ways, from savory ham to sweet honey. Many dessert crêpes include whipped cream and drizzled chocolate on top, but if you’re looking for a slightly lighter option, you can fill them just with cream and then use syrups or chocolate on top with a dusting of powdered sugar. For an intense pop of flavor in your crêpes, consider using a flavored whipped cream charger, like the strawberry or coconut chargers available from Exotic Whip.

Strawberries and cream

Strawberries are one of everyone’s favorite summer treats, and they’re front and center in a huge array of desserts, such as strawberry cheesecake or strawberry topping for ice cream. However, if you’re looking for an incredibly simple dessert that every fruit lover will enjoy, you can’t beat strawberries and cream. All you need are fresh strawberries, heavy cream, and sugar; cut the strawberries, add the cream and sugar to the whip cream dispenser, and spray a generous portion of the topping onto each bowl of strawberries. If you want something a little sweeter, you can toss the strawberries in granulated sugar and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours to create a light syrup coating on the fruit.


This dessert from Oceania - we’ll avoid the custody battles by giving a general origin - is essentially a filled meringue tart, piled high with seasonal fruits, whipped cream, and compote. It’s perfect for a blistering hot summer day, as it’s generally served cold and flush with delicious chilled strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or even kiwis. To make a pavlova, whip egg whites and sugar as you would to make meringue, then bake until crisp. Let it cool, then cover it with whipped cream and the fruits or compotes of your choice; it’s an incredibly versatile dessert that is just begging for you to get creative with your toppings.


Jetsetting to the other side of the world, we’ve got the distinguished éclair from France, a venerable dessert seen in many high-end bakeries. This dessert is made from the same dough as profiteroles, just longer and larger; it’s drenched in chocolate and filled with whipped cream or buttercream. Though these pastries are a bit fussy to make when you just get started, you’ll soon fall in love with the intricacy and precision necessary to get them right. If you want to get creative with your éclairs, you can try adding flavor drops to the dispenser and filling them with flavored cream. Some excellent options are butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, or strawberry.

Chocolate mousse

This dessert is a fan favorite during the summer months, where it serves as a refreshing yet decadent hit of chocolate goodness. While it appears incredibly fancy, mousse is actually relatively easy to make if you find the right recipe. Generally, you will melt the chocolate of your preference, let it cool, then fold in whipped cream from your cream charger before refrigerating it and topping it as you wish. If you’d like to get a bit more creative, you can add additional ingredients to the chocolate when you melt it: espresso powder is a delicious way to make a supercharged dessert. Be sure to mix up a light dusting of espresso powder, chocolate powder, and powdered sugar for the ultimate in luxury.

Think beyond the topping to delight your family and friends

Whipped cream is a great topping for ice cream, hot chocolate, and more, but it can also be an integral part of a dessert that adds flavor and a fluffy consistency to many fan-favorite treats. If you’ve invested in a whip cream charger, you have a whole new world of culinary opportunities available: start exploring how you can create soft, sweet confections which will take your loved ones by surprise.


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