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How To Explore New York In The Best Way

New York is a wonderful city, full of life and vibrance. It’s like many of the cities you’ll find around the world where it never seems to sleep. There’s always something going on, whenever you find yourself in the Big Apple.

Whether this is your first time or your fifth time in the city, there is plenty to see and do. With that being said, here’s how to explore New York in the best way possible.

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Book yourself into a luxury accommodation

It’s important to note that the accommodation in New York is by no means cheap. If you’re not fussed about accommodation, then there are hostels and Airbnbs that will be basic but affordable. However, if you’re looking to splurge a little for a special occasion or ‘just because’, then there are plenty of beautiful hotels to stop in.

For example, the Concorde Midtown Hotel is a great place if you’re exploring New York for the first time, or you’re celebrating a special occasion. Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury while traveling and exploring such a wonderful city?

Make sure to tick off all the touristy spots

There are plenty of tourist hotspots that you’re going to want to tick off when you’re in the city for the first time. You’re not going to be limited in your options, especially when it comes to doing a little bit of everything. From exploring one of the many museums available to finding yourself on top of one of many viewing platforms to see the city in all its glory.

With that being said, here are some tourist hotspots to tick off while you’re in the city:

Pre-book your evening dinners

To help ensure you make the most out of your stay in the city, be sure to pick out some of the evening dining experiences you’d like to enjoy. There are some great spots that often fill up really quickly, so it’s worth pre-booking if you know somewhere you’d like to go and don’t want to miss out on.

Check out a Broadway show

Broadway is one of those activities that you must try at least once while you’re in the city. Whether you like musicals and plays or not, it’s always worthwhile being able to see the talent that the city has in one of the shows.

The shows themselves can be pricey, but if you head to the TKTS booth in Times Square, you may be able to get yourself a great deal on a show.

Do more walking to see more of the city

The city is a big place indeed and while the Metro might be needed from getting to one place to another quickly, try to do more walking where you can. It’ll help you keep fit but more importantly, allow you to see more of the city too.

Exploring New York City is a great opportunity so if you get the chance to travel here, make the most of it with these tips. 

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