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8 Signs to Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

 If you are based in Texas, you are exposed to extreme heat all Summer long. To fight it back, your only arm can be a fully functioning air conditioner. It would be pretty unfortunate if it breaks in the middle of the summer heat.

8 Signs to Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

If the system does not turn on or shows clear signs of malfunction, you can get a quick repair. When it comes to AC repair, Garland, Texas-based companies offer great service and good deals on maintenance. You need to choose one of the best companies though.

But what if it doesn’t show any significant sign and only makes you suffer? It’s like an asymptomatic disease. You don’t show any symptoms, but it is there, making things worse day by day.

Your air conditioner may warn you silently that it requires repair. There are certain indicators that say so.


8 Signs to Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

The following are eight common signs that indicate that your system deserves a repair.

1. High Energy Bills

Electricity bills may normally fluctuate each month. But if you notice a significant increase, it means your air conditioning unit isn’t working efficiently. Due to malfunction, your AC consumes more energy to perform efficiently and racks up a high energy cost.

2. Too much noise

It’s not normal that an air conditioning unit would make a lot of noise. It usually makes no noise at all or, at most, a negligible mild noise. But if you find disturbing noise like constant banging, buzzing, screeching, clinking, or something else, there’s something wrong. Loud noises can indicate loose parts that can cause significant damage. So, you should not ignore it.

3. Unpleasant Smell

Another symptom is having nasty or musty smells. Such smells can result from mold and mildew growth within the air conditioning unit or dirty filters. It pollutes the indoor air, which is injurious to health.

4. Uneven Cooling

A central air conditioning unit is responsible for cooling your entire house. If you notice that some parts of your home are cool while others are comparatively warm, it means your AC isn’t working effectively.

5. Water Leakage

Air conditioners may often leak water and leave the drops on the floor. It may indicate that your AC condensate is broken or clogged. It can lead to mold growth and damage to your AC unit. This may not be something disturbing, but it should be fixed immediately.

6. Constant Cycling

Air conditioners should turn on and off regularly. If your AC unit is constantly cycling, it is a problem indicator. The reason might be the thermostat, improper sizing, or a refrigerant leak. This issue not only reduces your system’s efficiency but can also lead to premature malfunction.

7. Ice Build-Up

If your air conditioner builds up ice on its coils or refrigerant lines, it deserves attention. Low refrigerant levels, restricted airflow, or a broken blower may cause this issue. You should turn off the AC immediately. It will allow the ice to melt and prevent more ice build-up.

8. Unusual Humidity

What’s the point of having an air conditioner if you are still uncomfortable? Yes, humidity can increase in summer. But constant high humidity is not acceptable. If that’s the case, the ductwork might have leakage. It’s a clear sign that your AC has some issues.


What Should You Do Immediately When Your AC Needs Repair?

Say you have found one or more signs that indicate the need for a repair. Now what? Before calling a professional, find out what you should do immediately. Follow the process.

1. Turn Off the Unit

First things first. If you discover that your AC has some issues, turn it off. It will prevent further damage. This is especially suggested when you find ice build-up, strange smells, or unusual sounds.

2. Troubleshoot the Basics

Yes, it is recommended to call a professional for AC repair. But you should at least try to figure out what exactly is wrong with your unit. If you have some basic knowledge of handling HVAC parts, troubleshoot the unit. It might be a silly issue that you can easily fix with DIY. Check the air filter and thermostat settings. Clean inner and outer parts, including air filters.

3. Contact a Professional HVAC Technician

When you discover any of the signs mentioned, you may be convinced that your air conditioner needs repair. Now, you can’t DIY fix all issues, or sometimes you can’t even find out the problem. In such cases, call a professional HVAC service in Garland, Texas, like Green Leaf Air. Green Leaf Air is one of the top HVAC servicing companies in Texas that offers quality service and competitive pricing. They have the expertise to find and repair air conditioning problems quickly.

4. Schedule Regular Maintenance

It doesn’t end here. Once you repair your air conditioner, you should keep it under maintenance. Schedule regular maintenance service for your unit to prevent future issues. A professional service like Green Leaf Air can clean and tune up your device to keep it in peak performance.



To ensure timely AC repair, Garland, Texas, homeowners should look for the signs we discussed today. High energy bills, unpleasant smell or sound, uneven cooling cycle, water leakage, etc., are some of the most common signs.

As soon as these signs are noticed, for a thorough air conditioner repair, Garland, TX residents should call a professional without any delay. Dozens of professional HVAC servicing companies like Green Leaf Air are there to fix any issue in no time. So, don’t wait and let your AC suffer even more. Get in touch with a professional if you notice something unusual.

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