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Unveiling the World's Best Adventures for Road Trip Enthusiasts

 There are plenty of ways to experience what a country has to offer, but nothing will give a better feeling than hitting the open road and embarking on epic road trips. Behind the wheel, you can organize your trip the way you like, as you are in full control of your agenda and can go wherever your mind or heart takes you. 

The world is filled with amazing roads that traverse stunning sights, stretch on and on and give you the chance to spot memorable landscapes that have been on your bucket list for years. Traveling with your car offers you the best freedom and flexibility you can have. Also, road trips are available to everyone, as you only need a car and a map to navigate and a Holafly eSIM to stay connected with your family and friends. 

Here are the best road trips you need to try in your lifetime. 

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Great St. Bernard Pass, Italy

This route is suitable both for the ones looking for stunning landscapes and movie fans as well, as here it was immortalized the iconic opening scene of The Italian Job, the original movie starring Michael Caine. The movie begins with a Lamborghini Miura that drives over the Great St. Bernard Pass. Now, this route is as spectacular and unspoilt as it was in 1969, but over time, it added a few safety improvements. 

Plus, the location of this amazing route is also one that needs to be visited, as the starting point is in the stunning Italian city of Turin, and on the way, you will also get to see the jazz town of Montreux and the shores of Lake Geneva.

You surely need to visit this route, as here you will see amazing landscapes that will take your breath away. Make sure you opt for a sim card for Europe to stay connected with your loved ones and be ready to hit the road.

Blue Ridge Parkway, USA

The Blue Ridge Parkway is just three hours away from Washington DC, and it has a phenomenal scenic view that carves its way through the mountainous and lush forest of North Carolina and Virginia. The name comes from the surrounding mountains that are bluish when seen from a long distance. The route starts in Afton and comprises 469 miles (755 km). This place is amazing all year long, but in autumn, you will surely be blown away by the majestic colors, as at this time, the forest turns to iridescent shades of orange, brown and red. 

The Carretera Austral, Chile

Patagonia is a place that anyone must see at least once in their lifetime. This prehistoric and remote wilderness is made of lakes, mountains, fjords and forests, which can all be taken in the comfort of your car if you drive down the Carretera Austral. The 770-mile-long route is perfect for adventure lovers who are waiting for new journeys to embark on. It starts in Puerto Montt, a crowded town in the Chilean Lake District, goes south through Coyhaique, Santa Lucia and Tortel and finishes in Villa O’Higgins. 

Here, you need to have plenty of time to experience everything Patagonia has to offer. Be prepared to get out of your vehicle and hike or swim to immerse yourself in nature and have the best views. 

The North Coast 500, Scotland

The North Coast 500 is one of the best road trips the United Kingdom has to offer. As the name suggests, the road has no more, no less than 500 miles, and will give you the best opportunity to visit Scotland’s northern coastline and see everything from gorgeous mountains to sandy beaches and remote fishing villages. In the North, the route takes in the Easter Ross, Black Isle and Caithness, and it also includes the most northerly point, John O’Groats. Then it heads back down the south and western coast, through Wester Ross, Sutherland and back to Inverness. 

Wayanad Ghat Road, India

Wayanad Ghat India is also a popular road trip, but here, you literally have to cling on for dear life, as you will need to drive through numerous twists and turns. But overall, it is an exhilarating experience that needs to be tried by adventure lovers. The road cuts through the impressive forest of the Western Ghats, and it goes past misty mountains, stunning waterfalls, and huge tea plantations that date back from many centuries ago. You need to stop when you drive the Thamarassery Churam mountain pass, as you will have spectacular scenery and can also go hiking or explore the waterfalls and trails waiting for you.

Keep in mind that you might also spot an elephant or two as they occasionally stray across the road. 

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia also has one of the most amazing experiences for adventure lovers, and the Great Ocean Road proves this point. The route starts from Melbourne and blends beach towns, coastal vistas and national parks with dense forests. Then, it heads to the beach town of Torquay and goes further on the Victorian coastline. The route is a very popular option for both cars and campervans. 

The Panorama Route, South Africa

The Panorama Route takes in fruit fields, wildlife reserves, cascading waterfalls, gold-rush sites and the imposing peaks of the Drakensberg Escarpment. Here, you will have the chance to see the “God’s Window”, which offers views over the famous Kruger National Parks, The Blyde River Canyon and the Lebombo Mountains. 

Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road is Norway’s amazing road network that has plenty of ferries, bridges and tunnels and offers one of the best views from the whole country. The Atlantic Road starts from the city of Molde and continues over the island of Aver√ły, having one of the most spectacular views worldwide. Be prepared to remain amazed by the full force of the Atlantic’s stunning landscapes. 

Which one of these road trips is on your bucket list? 

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