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The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Home With Trees In The Yard

You’re on the market for a new house and some properties are leaping out at you. One of the homes you’re most interested in ticks all the right boxes, but you’ve noticed some trees in the yard. Part of you thinks they’ll make a great addition to your home, yet you’re still unsure.

The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Home With Trees In The Yard

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The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Home With Trees In The Yard

What are the main pros and cons of buying a house with trees in the yard? This post will help you weigh both sides of the equation to make a better decision.


Pro: Trees attract cute wildlife

Having trees in your garden can attract cute wildlife like squirrels or birds. It transforms your outdoor space into something akin to a Disney film. You’ll love looking outside and seeing all the critters enjoying the trees - it brings a splash of life to your backyard.


Con: Trees create shade

Trees may block sunlight from entering your garden. This is problematic for two reasons - the first of which is more of an aesthetic issue. A big tree could block natural light from entering your home, meaning they’re plunged into near darkness during the day. It makes it harder for you to create a homely atmosphere and you might be forced to turn the lights on when it’s light outside.

The second problem with trees creating shade is that it’s harder for other things to grow. Plants will struggle to get sunlight and can die quickly. Your lawn may not absorb enough nutrients from the sun, so it dries out and looks brown and patchy. Keep an eye on where the trees are positioned and if they prevent the rest of your yard from getting enough sun. 

Pro: Trees can provide free food

Depending on what trees are planted in the yard, you could acquire free food. Common fruit trees include apple, plum, or pear trees. Before buying the house, look at the tree for signs of fruit sprouting - or look below to see if any has fallen.

When a tree sprouts fruit, it can provide you with natural goodness to eat raw or add to delicious dishes. Also, fruit that falls to the ground is absorbed by the soil and acts as a natural compost to help things grow!


Con: Trees need maintenance

There’s a massive misconception that trees don’t need any maintenance and you should let them grow forever. This couldn’t be more false. You will need professional tree trimming from time to time to prevent the branches from getting dangerously long. Trees close to a house or street may cause safety issues when not maintained.

Overall, it’s clear that trees suit different lifestyles more than others. If you want a garden that’s full of life, and have ambitions of growing fruit to be self-sufficient, buying a house with trees in the yard is a fabulous idea.

On the contrary, you might not want to attract wildlife to your yard. You also don’t want to deal with fruit trees or have to handle the regular tree maintenance. In this case, it’s better to avoid buying a house with a tree as you’ll end up hating it.

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