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Why Stress Has Both Positive and Negative Aspects to It

 Stress is inevitable in life. You may try to set up a life for yourself that is as free of it as possible. Stress will always present itself to some degree, though. Even if you try living out in the woods like a monk, free from all human turmoil, there will still be stressors with which you must cope.


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Is stress all negative, though, or is there a positive spin you can put on it? Let’s break down the positive and the negative that goes along with stress.


The Negative


First, let us talk about the negative that accompanies stress. Stress usually comes from situations that feel problematic to you.


If you know you do not have as much money coming in as you’d like, that can be a source of stress. Having problems in your relationship can be stressful. You might feel stress if you are putting in too many hours at work and you’re not getting very much downtime.


Too much stress can wear you down. That is undeniable. This is the negative aspect of it, and it’s easy to focus on the negative if there’s too much stress in your life.


The Positive


There are still positives that come with stress, though. Stress can be an indicator that you have to do something you don’t want to do, but what’s required of you may also be important. For instance, you may feel some stress that you have to pay your taxes, but such chores are part of being a responsible adult.


A little stress can keep you sharp, as well. It can motivate you. You might be able to turn your stress into a positive if you use it as fuel to get things done that you’ve been avoiding.


Conquering stress can also be quite stimulating. Alleviating a stressful situation by doing what needs to be done will often give you a sense of accomplishment.


You Must Accept Stress Without Letting It Overwhelm You


The key to stress is finding a balance with it. While some amount of pressure in life can never be avoided, if you get to a point where stress is having a negative impact on your health or life, that’s when you need to make some changes.


As you go through your life, keep a close eye on how you deal with stress. If you deal with it in a healthy way, such as drinking a beer or two on Friday night after a long week, that is probably fine.


If you drink till you’re blackout drunk every day because of stress, then it’s obvious that you need to reevaluate your life. Stress should not be overwhelming you. You should be able to control it, not the other way around.

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