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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Different Rooms of Your Home


Lighting is an essential part of every household and it comes in so many different forms. Choosing the right lighting in each room of your house means looking at all of the different options and choosing which ones fit best in the different rooms in your house. In this guide, we will go room by room and discuss the best types of lighting for each one so that you can get an idea of what you would like the most.

Living Room

The living room is almost always the largest room in the house and is used most frequently. That is why it is called the “living” room. Because of this, it needs to have sufficient light to illuminate all areas of the room, but the light also has to be welcoming. 

The best lighting option for a living room is to do a combination of overhead lights and strategically placed lamps. Overhead lights can be used when hosting gatherings or hanging out as a family in the living room while specific lamps can be used when just one person is using the space to read or hang out. 

Most living rooms will be designed with either one big sofa or a few smaller sofas and lounge chairs with side tables. Placing a lamp on each side table in the room allows the freedom to use as much or as little light as needed. When using the living room for something like a movie night, you can leave one lamp on to provide some light to walk around while a movie is playing and you can easily turn it off without having to get up to do it.


The kitchen is the area in the house that has to be the most well-lit in order to allow safe cooking. Because of this, there are two types of lights that every kitchen should have: ceiling lights and targeted lights. 

Ceiling Lights

Overhead lights that can fill a whole room with light with the flick of a switch are a feature of every room in the house but are especially important in the kitchen. A big statement piece light fixture like ceiling spotlights or plafondspots gives the kitchen an aesthetic look and also adds to the reach of the light. Some ceiling spotlights can be adjusted to point in different directions, shedding light on every corner.

The kitchen is one of the more social rooms in the house, where people gather before and after work or school, so being well-lit is important to get tasks done like making school lunches and prepping dinner. 

Targeted Lights

A great addition to any kitchen is intentional lighting in areas like the stove. Sometimes when cooking, we need extra light in order to see the details of our food, especially when we are cooking dinner and it is already dark outside. These types of targeted lights are also great for when you are trying to wind down for the night and you don’t want to turn on an oppressive overhead light.

Most kitchens will also have a small dining table for eating breakfast or having a low-key dinner at night. One targeted light above this table allows for a calm vibe while eating that allows the family to gather in one space and discuss their days.


The bathroom is the one room in the house that most people intentionally want to be very bright. This is so that it makes it easier to get ready in the morning. If you have a bathroom that has a separate vanity area from the toilet area, then you may want different types of lighting for the different sections. The vanity area is best used with some kind of ring light or light-up vanity mirror that can be turned on in addition to overhead lights for maximum visibility. The toilet area of the bathroom might require less light as a calmer vibe will help things get moving.  


Depending on which bedroom in the house you are putting lighting into, the most important light feature in the bedroom should be the bedside lamps. Everyone likes to get into bed and then turn the lights off and that is impossible with just a light switch near the door. Each bedroom should have both an overhead light, preferably a dimmer so that you can choose the level of light in the room, and bedside lamps on either side of the bed.

Lighting an entire house is a big task, but by following these easy tips, you will soon be on your way to lighting heaven. Light your house the way you want and see how your home life improves.

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