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12 Stunning Hairstyle Ideas to Complete Your Wedding Look

 Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life, which is why it may come as no surprise if you want to look your very best. As early as possible, try different hairstyles to figure out which suits you best, ready for the big day. This article lists a dozen stunning hairstyle ideas to choose from or inspire you.

Soft Waves

One hairstyle you can try for your wedding day is soft waves that seem effortlessly glamorous. This is perfect for those with long hair reaching past their shoulders, but don't fret if you are sporting a short bob. Depending on your hair color, you can opt for dark auburn hair extensions or those in blond curls. You can adorn your curls with hairpins or a headband that ties with your gown. Opting for soft waves is the perfect look for a garden or beach wedding ceremony.

Voluminous Curls

Another hairstyle you can try is voluminous curls, which can create drama and glamor. Let the curls gently cascade down your back, perfect for an outdoor wedding setting or to frame your face. However, there may be instances where your curls clump together. In this case, dividing your hair into sections and varying the direction of curling each section is a good idea. If possible, ensure that most of your hair is curled away from your face for the perfect framing. After curling and setting your hair, you can add accessories to complete your look.

Hollywood Waves

If you have a vintage-inspired wedding, sporting Hollywood waves will be perfect. With a vintage-inspired wedding set in a past era, shiny Hollywood waves will impress, especially if you wear a flapper wedding dress from the 20s or a tea-length gown from the 50s. To ensure your waves stay in place throughout your big day, use a light-hold hairspray, but spray evenly on your hair. You can also choose a hairspray in your favorite scent, as many now come in perfume-like fragrances. While other hairstyles work well with accessories, it is better to avoid using them if you opt for a Hollywood waves hairstyle to emphasize the style of your crown.

Half-Up Half-Down

Many brides now opt for a half-up, half-down hairstyle instead of a bun for their big day. This hairdo fosters a relaxed and chill bride mood while still presenting sophistication. There are many half-up, half-down hairstyles, so choosing the best one for your wedding day will be easy. Plus, you can use various hair accessories to emphasize the hair sections you want to be noticeable. Use hair extensions to execute this look seamlessly if you have short hair.

Bohemian Braids

Many weddings embrace a whimsical theme, and what better way to style your hair than with a bohemian braid to complement this wedding inspiration? Incorporate flowers or ribbons in your braids, or opt for delicate hair accessories that enhance your femininity. Apart from a whimsical theme, a bohemian braid hairstyle works well for a rustic-themed wedding in a big barn or a similar outdoor setup. 

Sleek Ponytail

A modern and chic wedding calls for a sleek ponytail hairstyle that looks perfect with a minimalist gown. This is one of the most appropriate hairstyles for couples, with a civil wedding ceremony, attended only by a few friends and family. A sleek ponytail is also suitable for a bride who wants to accentuate her facial features, regardless of whether she has naturally curly or straight hair. This hairstyle can add glamor to your overall bridal appearance on your big day.

French Twist

A French twist hairstyle exudes timeless elegance, but first, you must prepare your hair. You can create volume when you gather your hair towards the back to create a low ponytail. You need to twist your hair and secure the twist before you tuck the ends. From there, you can use a hairspray to secure your hairstyle. You can also add some accessories, such as decorative hair pins, for a more elegant look. Then, take some time to inspect your French twist from all angles to ensure that it is in place.

Low Bun

A polished low bun is the perfect hairdo for highlighting the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day, such as statement earrings or an heirloom necklace. It is also an ideal complement to a bridal dress with a low back. You can also sweep your hair to one side before securing it on a low bun for a more feminine look. From there, you can adorn your hairstyle with a ribbon headband or delicate hair accessories. A low bun is also a perfect hairstyle if you wear a veil on your wedding day.

Ballerina Bun

Brides who want a polished look for their big day can never go wrong with a ballerina bun adorned with hair accessories such as a ribbon, jewel, or flowers. This hairstyle is also perfect if your wedding dress features a covered neckline, such as a high collar or turtleneck design. To achieve the perfect ballerina bun, you may need to use a light-scented hairspray to keep every strand of your hair in place. You may also need to use hairpins to secure your hair strands as appropriate.

Messy Bun

A messy bun can also be appropriate for your big day, provided you use the right accessories to adorn it. For instance, you can use floral accents, particularly if you are hosting a wedding ceremony in a garden or a similar outdoor space. This hairstyle also pairs well with a wedding gown made from tulle or lace. Add some texture to your hair by pulling it into sections and gathering them in braids before you put them up in a bun.

Romantic Updo

Every wedding day is filled with fantasy and love, so a romantic updo will also be one of the best hairstyles you can opt for. Divide your hair into sections that you can twist, curl, and adorn with a pearl pin. This is also the perfect hairstyle for a vintage-themed wedding wherein your gown is made from intricate lace. The key here is to frame your face when you divide your hair into sections, accentuating your features and bridal glow.

Braided Crown

Finally, you can also opt for a braided crown adorned with delicate floral accents, which will make you feel like a fairy princess for a whimsical-themed wedding. With this hairstyle, you must braid your hair and encircle it around your head, creating a captivating look. This enchanting look is also perfect for a fairytale wedding hosted in a garden or a similar outdoor venue.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

  • Think About Your Dress

The first thing you need to think about when deciding on a wedding hairstyle is the dress you will be wearing. Some hairstyles work well with certain types of fabrics and gown designs. Certain hairstyles also complement the neckline of the dress. For instance, spaghetti straps and dresses featuring the neckline go well with an updo. This is also true for a dress that reveals your back.

  • Consider Your Wedding Theme

The next thing you need to consider is the theme of your wedding. For instance, a bohemian braid will be perfect for a rustic wedding theme. For a minimalist wedding theme, a sleek ponytail or a ballerina bun will be a viable choice. When your hairstyle also reflects the overall theme of your wedding, you will surely shine.

  • Opt for a Hairstyle Framing Your Face

Depending on your face shape, your hairstyle choice may also vary accordingly. Brides with a round face shape are very fortunate because almost all hairstyles suit them properly. Soft waves may be the best option for ladies with a square face. Rest assured that you can always use the right makeup to enhance your features and complement your hairstyle, tying your overall look together.

  • Look into Your Hair Length and Texture

The length and texture of your hair can also play a crucial role in your decision. For example, many styles can suit you if you have thick and long hair. However, putting your hair up may be challenging because of its thickness. On the other hand, you may opt for voluminous curls if you have thin, straight hair to add some personality to your hairstyle during your big day.

  • Do Trial Runs

One of the best things you can do to choose the right hairstyle for your wedding day is to have a trial run. Experiment with different hairstyles to see how each one looks on you and assess whether you will be comfortable with it. For instance, a specific updo may allow you to move freely, while a sleek ponytail may restrict your movement or vice versa. The key here is finding which hairstyle you are most comfortable with.

The hairstyles listed in this post are only some you can experiment with. Rest assured that no matter the hairstyle you choose, the important thing is for you to feel confident during your big day and enjoy the special moment when you exchange vows with your significant other. Best wishes!

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