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Denim Essentials for the Student Wardrobe

 Denim fills our wardrobes, and this is not surprising because it is difficult to imagine a more practical, versatile, and stylish material. The denim total look will be at the peak of popularity this season. However, if you are not ready to dress in it from head to toe, just add to your must-have a few basic denim essentials that will easily be combined with other wardrobe elements and will help you create stylish spring looks.


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A denim dress is a very accent essential that will "make" your look on its own and will require virtually no additions. The only condition for looking as trendy as possible this spring is to rely on a unique cut, trendy details in the form of, for example, piquant cuts and interesting, "expensive" shades of denim.


This spring, corsets will also be at the peak of their relevance, emphasizing seductive shapes and adding at least a few degrees to the "temperature" of the image. As in previous seasons, they can be worn either naked or over shirts or T-shirts, on their own, or in tandem with oversized jackets. Students can combine denim in different shades, but classic monochromatic options will look no less interesting.


A denim skirt is no less a universal basic essential than jeans because it also goes well with almost anything and allows you to create looks to suit any mood. On the catwalks, we saw skirts of completely different lengths, from extreme mini to maxi, so the choice is yours.


This spring, students have plenty of on-trend outerwear options to choose from. They can wear trench coats, leather jackets, bomber jackets, and more. However, this list would be incomplete without a classic of the genre - a practical, light, and stylish denim jacket. Designers disagreed on which model would be most relevant this spring: some relied on oversize, while others opted for fitted or cropped options. We think that you can never have too many stylish denim jackets, just like bags.


In the new spring-summer season, students can be as frank and bold as possible, and in this, they will be helped, in particular, by microtops, without which it is already difficult to imagine our wardrobes. Wear cropped denim tops just like corsets, either on their own or in tandem with shirts, jackets, or even T-shirts.


Students should pay attention to the total denim looks for spring. All you need is a stylish maxi or midi-length skirt and a shirt, which we recommend wearing almost completely unbuttoned. However, a denim shirt will look no less successful in other combinations, so be sure to add it to your "denim" arsenal.


Keeping in mind the special fans of denim, the designers also took care of denim accessories - in particular, bags. Students should add stylish and practical models to their wardrobes.

Classic blue jeans

Straight, tapered, or as relaxed as possible - it's impossible to imagine any basic wardrobe without blue jeans. After all, these are not only comfortable and practical trousers made of thick cotton fabric but also a real classic in the history of street fashion. They harmonize perfectly with both bright and neutral colors, match with any item, be it a simple white T-shirt, a formal jacket, or cozy knitwear, are suitable for everyday wear, and with the right styling, will fit even into an evening look.

Bootcut jeans

Jeans elegantly fit the hips, slightly widening towards the bottom, allowing you to hide high shoes underneath, visually lengthen your legs, and reduce your waist - what you need for the most attractive looks. A good solution would be to combine the bootcut model with shoes that match them and use voluminous shirts, blouses, sweaters, and jackets as tops.


Denim is a timeless classic. It is strong and durable due to its twill weave. Denim is loved not only by young people but also by more mature generations. Denim has stood the test of time, given the rapid rate of change in fashion trends. 

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