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The five most famous pizzerias in New York: a gastronomic journey through the city that never sleeps

 New York, the city that never sleeps, is famous worldwide for its vibrant streets, stunning architecture, and, of course, it is delicious pizza.

With a history dating back to the Italian immigrants who arrived in the city in the 19th century, New York pizza has evolved into a culinary icon. If you are looking to sample some of the city's best pizzas, here is a list of the five most famous pizzerias that you cannot miss if you want to do a New York food tour:


Lombardi's Pizza

Founded in 1905, Lombardi's Pizza is considered the oldest pizzeria in the United States and a true New York icon. Located in the Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan, Lombardi's is known for its delicious Neapolitan-style pizza, prepared with fresh ingredients and baked in a coal-fired oven. Please take advantage of their famous Margherita pizza, with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, which is simply irresistible.


Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Located beneath the famous Brooklyn Bridge in the DUMBO neighborhood, Grimaldi's Pizzeria is another standout name in the New York pizza scene. With its brick oven and thin, crispy crust, Grimaldi's is known for its authentic New York-style pizza. Try their pepperoni pizza, with spicy pepperoni and melted cheese on a homemade tomato sauce base, for a gastronomic experience you will not forget.


Di Fara Pizza

Run by the legendary pizza maker Domenico DeMarco, Di Fara Pizza is an institution in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. Known for its long lines and artisanal process, Di Fara Pizza offers some of the most authentic pizzas in the city. Check out their cheese pizza with fresh basil and olive oil, a delight for pizza lovers.


Joe's Pizza

In the heart of Greenwich Village, Joe's Pizza is among the best locals on the New York food tour. Founded in 1975, Joe's Pizza is known for its authentic New York pizza, with a thin, crispy crust and a generous serving of melted cheese. Try their classic pepperoni or cheese pizza with garlic and mushrooms for a truly delicious experience.


Roberta's Pizza

In the vibrant Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, Roberta's Pizza is known for its innovative approach and high-quality ingredients. With a wood-fired oven at the heart of its open kitchen, Roberta's creates some of the city's most creative and delicious pizzas. Try their bacon and egg pizza, with crispy bacon, poached egg, and parmesan cheese, for an irresistible combination of flavors.

New York is home to some of the best pizzerias in the world, each with its own style and unique flavor. From classic old-school pizzerias to innovative and creative ones, there is a pizza that satisfies every taste in the city and never sleeps. Therefore, the next time you are in New York, try some of these iconic pizzerias and discover why New York pizza is unmatched worldwide.



·        Which New York restaurant has been officially named the best pizzeria in the United States?

The New York restaurant officially named the best pizzeria in the United States is Di Fara Pizza, located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. Run by the legendary pizza maker Domenico DeMarco, Di Fara Pizza has been acclaimed for its artisanal process and authentic New York flavor.

·        What is the name of the first pizzeria in New York City?

The first pizzeria in New York City is Lombardi's Pizza. Founded in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi, it is located in the Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan. Lombardi's is recognized as one of the oldest and most iconic pizzerias in the United States.

·        How many pizzerias are there in the state of New York?

The exact number of pizzerias in New York may vary, as many are in operation, and others may open or close at any time. However, given New York's love for pizza, it is safe to say that there are thousands of pizzerias across the state, from small family-owned shops to nationally famous and recognized establishments.

·        Where to get good pizza in New York?

In New York, there are numerous places where you can get good pizza. In addition to the pizzerias mentioned in the article, such as Lombardi's Pizza, Grimaldi's Pizzeria, Di Fara Pizza, and others, you can also try popular places like Joe's Pizza in Greenwich Village, Artichoke Basille's Pizza in Chelsea, and Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn, among many others. The city is full of options to enjoy excellent pizza in every corner of the five boroughs.

Traveling to New York is a unique and exciting experience that offers many reasons to invest in a trip.

Here are some compelling reasons:

1.      Culture and art: The city is filled with art galleries, world-renowned theaters, and a vibrant music scene, making it a perfect destination for culture and art enthusiasts.

2.      Architectural icons: From the iconic Manhattan skyline to the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge, New York is home to some of the most famous architectural landmarks in the world. Exploring these stunning sights is an experience to be noticed.

3.      Diverse cuisine: New York's cultural diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, which offers a wide variety of dining options to suit every taste and budget. From authentic ethnic cuisine to upscale fine-dining restaurants, there is something to satisfy every palate in this cosmopolitan city.

4.      Shopping: It is a shopper's paradise, with some of the world's most exclusive and exciting stores. From luxurious boutiques on Fifth Avenue to street markets in Brooklyn, you will find various shopping options and unique souvenirs to take home.

5.      Energy and diversity: The power and diversity of New York are unparalleled. The city buzzes with activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each neighborhood has its unique personality. From the hustle and bustle of Times Square to the tranquility of Central Park, something is enjoyable for everyone in a city that never sleeps.

In summary, investing in a trip to New York is worth making because of the city's cultural richness, unique experiences, and unmatched energy.

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