Hamburger Helper v. Roasted Chicken??

I am finally admitting what I have known for a long time... my husband of 30 years is a better cook than I am.

There, it has been said and now that I have said it once, I am sure you will here it from me again and again. Case in point: this weekend when I was thinking of what food I had to prepare for the weekend so I made a pot of southwestern chili and knew I had a frozen pizza somewhere so I think, Good to Go.

Bob on the other hand, prepared the pizza for LUNCH and then went shopping for dinner. At about 7:30 he calls me and says, dinner is ready, would you like some Reisling with the chicken?

Bob has brined and roasted two whole chickens and roasted new potatoes and carrots alongside it. He also made a sage, garlic, and pine nuts couscous. The chicken is flawless, moist, hot, infused with herbs and garlic. Too good to eat with a fork, you find yourself needing to pick it up and bring it to your lips the way God intended you to, with your hands. The veggies were perfectly roasted, with the brown bits of roasting stuck to the potatoes and carrots in a tantalizing attempt to also draw you to pick those babies up. I did use a little decorum and used a fork. Couscous is messy in your hands.

Do you remember the movie My Best Friend's Wedding where Julia Roberts is telling her best friends fiancee that she could never be jello?? I think I am Bob's jello to his being creme brulee. Lucky me!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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