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Breakfast never tasted so good!

As you know, I am at the Lake at a workshop this week. Since it is a work week, I have dedicated myself to getting things done for school so I have not spent any time eating out or anything decadent like that...

...until this morning. I had read a review recently in Southern Living magazine (my all time favorite magazine) about On the Rise Bistro here at the Lake and since it is on my way to the workshop, I promised myself I would try it for breakfast once while I was here.

The food was amazing. It was hard to decide what to get, but I ended up with this:
breakfast flatbread with scrambled eggs and basil sausage and fontina and aged cheddar cheeses with a dijon mustard sauce served with country potatoes and fresh fruit. Top this off with Godiva hot chocolate and it is easy to see why I was in heaven.

And, because the portion was large, I ended up saving half for lunch and got to experience it all over again! If you are at the Lake anytime soon, try this place out. I am dying to get there for lunch: they have lobster pot pie!

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  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Wow - that is a delicious looking breakfast. It's presently 5:30 am and I had bran flakes!!!!! Oh well, I am glad you had a chance to try this place and I hope you get to try it for lunch.

  2. Yummm! It looks delicious! I was planning on just having yogurt for breakfast but somehow that doesn't seem like enough now. LOL

    Hope you are staying cool Terry....your garden looks great!

  3. I'm not much of a foodie, but it sure sounds good!

  4. Uh, I am so envious! My toast with pb just lost it's appeal. :)

  5. Bless your heart, Terri. You and I simply could not live close together. I sense you would lead me down the path of culinary temptation and I am far too easily lead as it is. LOL That breakfast looks amazing.

    When Randey and I stayed at that Bed and Breakfast in Sulphur, OK a few weeks ago, we got a 2 course breakfast every morning. It was DIVINE. The french toast was out of this world. The homemade blueberry panpakes were unbelievable and the waffles were pretty darn fantastic, too. I gained almost 3 pounds in less than a week there. And I was perfectly thrilled to do so because that was some FINE eating. (See how weak I am? AND shameless? lol)

    Keep posting about all the good food you're finding and I may jump off my WW wagon and come hunt you down. (To assist you with your endeavors! lol)


  6. Oh.....it looks delicious. I could eat breakfast anytime of the day. Yum!


  7. Terri, this is one of our favorite places at the Lake. I can't believe you haven't eaten there before now. The Lobster Bisque is amazing!!! My favorite dish at the Lake BY FAR. The chips they serve with lunch are also to die for. Creme Brule is an amazing dessert too. Hope you are having fun and bringing me lots of good handouts. See you soon my friend.
    PS, post your new pedi when you get it, and have fun in Vegas too! Go to the Wynn, it is a MUST, Ashley will be in shopping Heaven. Manolo Blanik had the "Carrie Shoes" when I went (from Sex and the City)and I tried them on!

  8. Ashley, thank you for the tips for Vegas! I will post my new pedi because of you!! I am going next Thursday or Friday.

  9. Good...glad you treated yourself! Who says we can't mix a little fun into our work. :-) It looks totally yummy!

  10. Terri, this is one of our favorite places, at the lake! The photo of Gabi, on my sidebar, was taken there last Fall. It's a great place, wonderful food and delightful atmosphere! Glad you enjoyed.

  11. YUM! I'm really jealous, it looks delicious!

  12. Looks delicious. Made the workshop more wonderful!


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