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Breakfast never tasted so good!

As you know, I am at the Lake at a workshop this week. Since it is a work week, I have dedicated myself to getting things done for school so I have not spent any time eating out or anything decadent like that...

...until this morning. I had read a review recently in Southern Living magazine (my all time favorite magazine) about On the Rise Bistro here at the Lake and since it is on my way to the workshop, I promised myself I would try it for breakfast once while I was here.

The food was amazing. It was hard to decide what to get, but I ended up with this:
breakfast flatbread with scrambled eggs and basil sausage and fontina and aged cheddar cheeses with a dijon mustard sauce served with country potatoes and fresh fruit. Top this off with Godiva hot chocolate and it is easy to see why I was in heaven.

And, because the portion was large, I ended up saving half for lunch and got to experience it all over again! If you are at the Lake anytime soon, try this place out. I am dying to get there for lunch: they have lobster pot pie!

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