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Lazy Days of Summer #3

It wouldn't be the summer without swimming. As a child I would walk to the local pool and spend the whole day there. I learned to swim, dive, jump, snorkle and generally survive the water at that pool. Bob doesn't like to swim so it has gone by the wayside for me but to this day I love the water.

Do you spend time at the pool? What pools do you go to? Walt Disney Pool, where I spent all my time, is a public pool still in operation today in Marceline. I don't think many people send their kids to public pools anymore.

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  1. Hi Terri

    I don't swim, but still enjoyed the public pool, in Lebanon when I was growing up. I also "swam", in the Gasconade River. Lots of fun. When we moved to Houston, I was 15 and soon discovered Flat Rock and Dogs Bluff, these are on the Piney. Fun summer days!! As an adult, I waded around in the Current River, where I discovered my daughter Kim, at the age of 2, had no fear of the water. Therefore, all my children had lessons. Kim continued her love of swimming and kept her Red Cross training up, at Kirksville. Now, she swims laps, every morning, at one of the community indoor pools. The other girls like to swim, but don't have the love for it, that Kim has.

  2. I haven't been swimming much the last few summers...and I miss it. But I just don't get the opportunity to. When I do get in the water, though, I may as well have gills because I am like a fish! Some of the most thrilling times I have had in the water was the few time I have been swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in Hawaii with giant sea turtles, and snorkeling at Stingray City off Grand Cayman!

  3. I LOVE the water. Unfortunately I do not know how to swim, but that doesn't stop me from going to the pool or lake. I can swim underwater, float and doggy paddle like hell, but the fun stuff on top of the water I just don't know what to do. I hated my parents for years not making me take lessons like other kids. One day I plan to...

  4. Total water baby here! I crawled in to the Tallulah River when I was 6 months old; they fished me out, but I screamed bloody murder til they put me back in!

    I don't do public pools any more, as I react to chlorine in the amounts they are required to use in public pools, but I love to be in the water any time any where, provided it's cold. Don't like warm water, so I don't like the Gulf or the southern Atlantic much.

  5. Ron taught me to swim when we started dating....he is a water bug, afterall.

    We swim around in the lake....with lots of other people and float around on rubber thingys. Fun.


  6. Oh I learned to swim all right and loved it. We were all called "fish" back in the day. But we swam at the lake. Yes, we braved frog itch and leeches sometimes, but there's nothing like swimming in fresh water with no chlorine. John doesn't swim. Good thing I gave swimming up about the time shopping for swimsuits became sheer torture, but I wouldn't mind a bit of skinny dipping if the night were right. ;>

  7. When the kids were little, though, we shelled out $700 a summer to go to Wilson's Beach Club.
    Luckily, we now have a neighborhood pool that the kids can ride their bikes to:)


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