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A new Christmas Blog

I have decided to write a Christmas blog! It is being launched today, July 25, six months before Christmas!

This blog is open to the public so be sure to share it with your other Christmas loving friends! I have done my best to keep it more private, I am not releasing my name and Bob is lovingly referred to as Mr. CTL.

Please visit at www.christmastreelane.blogspot.com

Would you like to comment?

  1. OOOh, I love Christmas!!!!! Can't wait to read the blog!!!

  2. I don't think the link is working:(

  3. Okay, are you going to delay comments so that the stupid among us (moi) won't slip up and call you Bob and Terri Steffes? Off to check it out, you little elf you!

  4. Link troubles I guess...

  5. Hi Terri,
    I will check it out! Cindy

  6. I'm so excited!! I'll have a post on my blog tomorrow about this and I can't wait to see what your new blog brings for us! :)


  7. What fun!!


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