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Outdoor Wednesday!

Roses and Coneflowers...
Striped Zinnias...

Rose of Sharon....

More striped zinnias....
and even more zinnias!
and lovely yellow daylilies!

Although we are in Memphis right now, I didn't want you to miss out on what is blooming at the Steffes house! Enjoy! Thanks to Susan for sponsoring our event!

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  1. Have a great time in Memphis!

    Striped zinnias are pretty. I love them!

    Very pretty pictures.


  2. I love your garden, Terri. There is something so delicate and sweet about it....don't actually know how to put it into words.


  3. I hope that you are having a blast in Memphis. I'm glad that post scheduling worked for you. Yay for Blogger fixing it! It certainly makes being away a little easier. Your flowers are scrumptious.


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