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Lazy Days of Summer #5

The summer wouldn't seem quite the same if I didn't go to an auction or two!

I always look for the estate sales. I like to see what people collected over the course of their lives. I am sure I could write a dissertation on this alone. I also love to get a good deal or two. I especially like looking for dishes and furniture, just like every other woman in Missouri, it seems.

Do you include an auction or two in your summer plans? Bob and I used to do a lot more when we needed more things. Now we are going just for the sheer fun of being with other people. Sometimes we don't even stay for the auction.

In the country there are food stands and homemade lemonade. Sometimes we go just to get a homemade hot dog and homemade lemonade, with big, floating whole lemons in it. Yummo!

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  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Auctions are a lot of fun. I like the ones where there are a lot of vintage crocheted pieces/dresser scarves/doilies etc.

  2. Randey is a HUGE fan of doing stuff like that. He loves yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, Goodwill stores...you name it, he loves it. I enjoy looking at places like that, too, but I can't stand haggling over a price. I'm just no good at it so when I browse, I need to know how much they want for it, period. An auction is another story, however. That's like a contest to me - like ebay. Fun, fun, fun. lol
    The best place we ever went for an estate sale was up in Montana, of all places. I found a little, bitty German bible from the early 1900's. I think I paid like fifty cents for it. It even had an old picture tucked inside. I don't read German, but I thought it was an awesome find. Oh wow, you've given me a great idea for a post! Old books that we've collected over the years. None of them are valuable per se, but I love all the history they imply with just their age (if that makes any sense). Anyway, enjoy any and all sales you come across! And don't forget to take pictures! :)


  3. Hi Terri, I have never been to an auction....can you believe that? Or an estate sale or even a garage sale.....good grief, Blogland has started opening my eyes to all this.

    Amazing how some things just elude you and then you wake up.


  4. Just wait until I show you what I got at an auction in our neighborhood last week. I am working on it for a post in the near future.

    I love auctions.

  5. I was just talking about this very subject yesterday with friends! Garage sales, flea markets, farmers markets, and auctions - love them all! So many treasures and bargains to be found! Who wouldn't love it?!

  6. Aren't those auction hotdogs the best!!

    We don't go to as many as we used to, for the same reasons you mentioned. We have loads of stuff. I'm afraid we might bring home more. We run into folks we haven't seen in a long time at these sales. Lots of fun!

  7. OOOOOOh, I love estate sales. I love to see what people have stashed in their houses over the years! I cringe though, when I think what my kids are going to do with all of my stuff. Oh well...

  8. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Oh Terri, I love estate sales, yard sales garage sales and flea markets. Hubby and I try to go every weekend to a flea market that is about 10 mins from our house. We love it.

  9. I love estate sales, too. I haven't been to one in years, though.

  10. We love to go to auctions. The problem is there hasn't been so many around here lately. It seems they are going to the auction buildings instead. I'd rather go when they are outside. There are so many antique and junk dealer anymore, they take the fun out of even bidding. Even so, I do love just to see how much stuff goes for. It tickles me people will pay $45 for something at an auction that they could go to WalMart for much less.

  11. Haven't been to an auction in a couple years but use to really enjoy them...same with yard sales and thrift shops...used to hit them weekly back when I needed "Stuff" and have found some amazing deals at times...nowdays I enjoy thrifting the best of all i guess and in fact plan to go tomorrow with my sister and visiting cousin...fun friday ahead!

  12. No but you make it all sound great! My favorite kind of sale was one where you just walked through (this part isn't so nice...the deceased's home) and selected what you wanted. No auction. It was great. What a concept...go to an auction you don't attend. Ha!


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