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Lazy Days of Summer #5

The summer wouldn't seem quite the same if I didn't go to an auction or two!

I always look for the estate sales. I like to see what people collected over the course of their lives. I am sure I could write a dissertation on this alone. I also love to get a good deal or two. I especially like looking for dishes and furniture, just like every other woman in Missouri, it seems.

Do you include an auction or two in your summer plans? Bob and I used to do a lot more when we needed more things. Now we are going just for the sheer fun of being with other people. Sometimes we don't even stay for the auction.

In the country there are food stands and homemade lemonade. Sometimes we go just to get a homemade hot dog and homemade lemonade, with big, floating whole lemons in it. Yummo!
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