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Sunday Garden update

It has been awhile since I updated our garden pictures because we lost so much of it to Japanese beetles. However, a few things (barely) survived and here are some of the plants in their very sad, but productive, state!

Brussel Sprouts


Cherry Tomatoes

A very sad but soon to be eaten, cabbage.

The herb garden looks as fantastic as the vegetable garden looks sad. Next week or two, pictures on the herb garden!

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  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    I think your tomatoes look very good. Fresh basil would be good sprinkled on them. Can't wait to see your herbs. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Your cabbage looks wonderful and so do you tomatoes. I can't wait till mine turns red.

  3. Aww, how sad! Looks like you have the beetles much worse than we do. I'm battling bunnies over my flowers! They've devoured my pansies and are attempting to finish off my delphiniums and petunias!

  4. Your tomatoes look wonderful!

    Terrie and Steve lost a lot to those beetles, too!!

  5. Inchworms are the bug du jour for me this summer....eating up my morning glories and moonflowers, of all things.

    What you still have looks mighty good, girl!

  6. Sorry about your beetles! They have done a horrible number on our roses this year.

    I think that cabbage would be wonderful stuffed or in coleslaw...maybe both???

    Maybe you do corned beef and cabbage...

    Becky K.

  7. So sorry about the bug problem. I would be crushed. Brussell sprouts, tomatoes and cabbage are three of my very favorite vegetables!!


  8. The trials of growing your own! Sorry about the beetles! I'm fighting some sort of mildew/fungus. I think I'm the only person in America to have grown two zucchini from 6 plants!


  9. We, too, had a run-in with the beetles. Since purchasing the beetle bag, we are now having a much easier time keeping those pests at bay.
    Now, what in the heck do we do with the dead beetles????


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