Lazy Days of Summer #4

Baseball is an American institution!

And, I am not talking about pro baseball, either, even though I do love my Cardinals. I think adding the word "pro" takes the fun out of the game. I am talking about street games or American Legion ball or Babe Ruth baseball. Girls softball or even Parks and Rec teams. Bob and I played on a couple softball team all through our 30s. We loved being with our friends. When we left Columbia to move to Jefferson City, this is one of the things that we gave up. Our team was called Bored of Ed. Darling, isn't it.

How does baseball fit into your summer? Do you play pick up games or go to pro games or have a son or daughter who play? Tell us about your baseball teams here! Ashley played softball for three summers and had a fabulous coach. She eventually decided that skating was more her style and we would travel to St. Louis to find an open ice skating rink in the summer. Amazing what we will do to nuture a dream, isn't it!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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