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Lazy Days of Summer #2

What would summer be without our Fourth of July traditions?

We go to my friend Marsha's home. She lives right on the Missouri River, down from the Capitol Building where the fireworks go off. She has a second story veranda where we sit and watch the fireworks and see their reflection on the river. Absolutely stunning.

Not to mention the mountains of food. And, not just typical picnic food, either. This is where I first had marinated shrimp (good heavens) and homemade tiramisu. We often have dandelion wine and other wonderful concoctions. We always know we will have an appreciative audience for whatever (Bob)we decide to make.

We always make it to Marceline's Fourth of July celebration. We cannot imagine a time when we don't have a buffalo burger or a ride on the scrambler. Life would not be worth living.

Tell us about your fourth of July traditions. Do you buy fireworks or watch them from your own home?

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  1. Warren used to work every Fourth of July, as part of the Celebration at Penn State. However, now that we live hours away we relax and do very little on the Fourth. Our town will host a celebration and fireworks on the 11th. Our neighbors are "shooters" for that one so we watch them work all day...coming and going...and smile...that it is not us.

    Is that bad?


    Becky K.

  2. Hi Terri,
    We're still on vacation heading home tonight! I haven't had much internet access,talk to you soon! Cindy

  3. We host a family cookout that brings about 50+ to our home. It's just grand watching the next generation play in my yard. Lots of laughs, good food and most importantly, family!
    We also have a fireworks display in the yard (even tho they are illegal in MA..we take a ride to NH and buy them) to top the evening off.

  4. We always have neighborhood celebrations on someone's dock along the lake. Some of our neighbors spend a fortune in fireworks!!!! There is always tons of great food.

    Terri, your 3 column looks wonderful. I absolutely love mine....hope you do too.

    Have a blessed Fourth!!!!!


  5. Good Morning, Terri!!

    First, I am researching the question you asked me about the theaters...I'll e-mail you what I find out later this day.

    Second, your 4th plans sound so wonderful!!! Hmmmmmm...dandelion wine, huh? My dad used to experiment with making wine and he did brew up a batch of that kind one time--it was VERY potent! :)

    It's so great to be able to celebrate the 4th with friends and family. Our family has been attending the annual 4th of July Parade in Sugar Creek, MO, for YEARS--ever since our kiddos were very little. Now that my son has a little girl (3yrs) of his own, he is REALLY into bringing her to the parade. After the parade, we meet at a local park with lots and lots of other friends and family and have a big old Pot Luck. We hang out there most of the day--eating and watching the youngins shoot off their fireworks (supervised by their parents, of course). A friend owns a vintage firetruck and he takes us all on spins around town---complete with a little bit of siren noise! It's such a fun tradition---we even have a huge scrapbook featuring photos of many, many years of celebrating our country's birthday with family and friends.

    I just hope the rain they're predicting for the 4th doesn't happen!!! It's OK---we've sat in the rain more than once to watch the parade!! :)

    Happy 4th to you!! Dana

  6. I'm very patriotic and love the 4th! It's one of my very favorite holidays!

    We'll be going to our friends' house for a BBQ and then off to see fireworks! Our neighbors spend a fortune on them, as well, so we can usually catch another show right in our own backyard!

    Have a fun and safe 4th! Thanks for the Canada Day wishes!

  7. Anonymous4:48 PM

    We are fortunate enough to see fireworks from our porch and don't even have to get out in the traffic! We also like to grill out and cut a cold watermelon for the 4th!
    Wishing you all the very best 4th!

  8. Happy 4th! We have many firework options....Disneyland is just up the road, and they do fireworks every night, all year, and have a very nice display on the 4th, and we also have several beaches within 5 miles that do huge firework displays. We can drive 2 hours to he local mountains and watch fireworks over Big Bear Lake. Or, we can just stay home and see major displays from all the illegal fireworks from Mexico and China that make their way to my ethnically diverse neighborhood!

    I do miss the big family get togethers, but I can't complain about a lack of activities near me, that's for sure.

    Your day sounds picture-perfect!

  9. Sounds like a super fun 4th in MO!!! I blogged about our 4th of July tradition!!!

  10. Wow, where on earth have I been the past couple of days. Tomatoes, oh my, I'd love to have a good ripe tomatoe right now!!

    When my grandparents were living, we always celebrated with a huge supper and fireworks display in Bevier. We had the perfect skyline to shoot them off and watch them. It was the best when I was finally old enough to light them myself. It was my dad's favorite holiday. Since 2003, hubby and I have celebrated at Fair St. Louis. This year we chose not to go, it will be a little weird. Friday we are headed to Weston, Saturday is still undecided. Have a great weekend and be safe in your travels!!

  11. Anonymous10:12 PM

    4th is always a fun time for us with a picnic and going to our neighboring town for fireworks over the lake and then coming home and watching the show in the neighborhood. This year we are celebrating little Joey's birthday a few weeks early but it will be a ball to have the grandbabies here and all the kids.

  12. It's been a tradition for the last couple of years to gather with the neighborhood children in our cul-de-sac to shoot off fireworks. Other than that, it seems like we do something different every year.


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