Lazy Days of Summer #2

What would summer be without our Fourth of July traditions?

We go to my friend Marsha's home. She lives right on the Missouri River, down from the Capitol Building where the fireworks go off. She has a second story veranda where we sit and watch the fireworks and see their reflection on the river. Absolutely stunning.

Not to mention the mountains of food. And, not just typical picnic food, either. This is where I first had marinated shrimp (good heavens) and homemade tiramisu. We often have dandelion wine and other wonderful concoctions. We always know we will have an appreciative audience for whatever (Bob)we decide to make.

We always make it to Marceline's Fourth of July celebration. We cannot imagine a time when we don't have a buffalo burger or a ride on the scrambler. Life would not be worth living.

Tell us about your fourth of July traditions. Do you buy fireworks or watch them from your own home?
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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