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This snow system has already broken one record, that is of the largest snowstorm in recorded weather history... it is the largest snowstorm in square miles... over 2000!

We are enjoying its beauty.  I got out and took some photos of stage 1 of the storm... of the first six inches.  I had a nice long talk with my neighbor as the wind was not too bad!

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  1. The wind and the snow has just started here, Terri. I hope you are ready for it. Stay warm and safe.


  2. I am glad you are enjoying it, my friend, but we are soooo over all this snow here in Boston!!! This storm is bringing us another two feet ON TOP OF the four or so feet still on the ground from January's previous storms!!! Eeeekkk!!!

  3. Cold and windy here, not as much snow as you guys! Stay warm and safe!

  4. The first blast of snow was today and overnight the "big one" will catch up with us, too. It was a very pleasant blog reading kind of day. You must be getting tired of having so many snow days. :D

  5. WOW...hang on to your hat! We still have no snow but lots of wind today..and some sun..nice day to stay in :D

  6. What a day, huh? I tried clearing a bit of the drive with my new electric shovel early this afternoon....it was all filled back in as soon as I walked into the house. MAN...this wind is wicked!!

    Guess you've heard that I 70 is closed from KC to St. Louis. Saw on the news some electric trucks from CO, headed to St. Louis to help restore power, are unable to continue their trip because the highway is closed for now.

    Enjoy your time off school........again!! :) Happy early Ground Hog's Day!! :) L, Dana

  7. Brrrrrr! It's gorgeous, but I sure hope you keep your power. Stay warm sweet friend.


  8. It's been all sleet and rain here!

  9. I'm happy we all survived this monster storm! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you with regards to the homeless guy...altho I did think about him all night last night as I was sheltering...if you can't find a Red Cross shelter nearby, call the authorities and they can check on him and possibly take him to a shelter. We had the sheriff's department bringing us clients last night, so it's not unheard of. :)


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