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Missouri Snow Scenes

While driving yesterday I shot these photos with my Canon Rebel T2i. These are scenes along Route 63.





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  1. Wow! Terri your blog design looks simply gorgeous! Jenn did a fabulous job. Love it all!

    The snow photos are amazing. I really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you for sharing. Lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  2. I heard about all of the snow and storms. Take care! Wow, those pics are great!

  3. Terri, these are gorgeous pictures!

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I used to live south on 63...Houston. Last two years of high school. That's where I was at school when the ice storm caused school dismissal, in '60.

    I highly recommend that trip up to Mackinac Island for the lilac fest. Be sure to take one of the lighthouse tours or two for that matter. We took one and wished we had taken more. We went from Lake Huron, under the bridge to Lake Michigan. It was amazing. The temperature dropped, just by passing under the bridge, then got warmer when we got back to Lake Huron. Anyway...fun tour and the lilacs were gorgeous. We rented a condo in Mackinack City, right on the water. You could see the Grand Hotel on the island. I hope you plan a trip!

  5. The pics are really pretty.


  6. Yep....looks like our world too! ;) Love the new blog function and look!

  7. Are you sure that you weren't visiting my corner? Wow! That's a lot of snow in yours. Very pretty.


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