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Super Bowl Champs!

Our Green Bay Packers are the 2011 Super Bowl Champions! We enjoyed the game and the commercials. I think my favorite was the little Darth Vader kid and the car. How about you?

We enjoyed our hot dog bar but the highlight was Bob's wonderful turkey meatballs and the lemon cupcakes.

Our family in Nebraska also cheered on the Packers:

Alex, Jeanne`, David and Janie
 and in Moberly...

Gary and Joy
Way to go Packers!  To see other great mosaics, go see Mary at Little Red House.

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  1. My hubby was quite happy with the results. Looks like you guys had fun.


  2. Love the Cheese Headedness in your family!! :) I cheered for the Packers, too. Have to say, however, they had me worried a couple of times.

    I liked the same commercial as you.

    Have a great day. L, Dana

  3. I LOVE that helmet in the snow!! Sounds like you had a delicious time watching the Packer's add another "ring"!! It was a great game!!


  4. Love it. Dom Capers is a home town boy! Very Special Win for our community!

  5. Ahhh! The entire family is happy, even the pups are happy! Love your mosaic, too.

  6. Wonderful Terry, love that mosaic!
    My hubby was so excited he could hardly sleep last night.
    He is the most devoted of packer fans,
    we plan our whole winter schedule around the games!

  7. I'm happy you had such a wonderful time. I am really not a football fan but it's not hard to get caught up in the fun! Love the picture of the 'cheese heads'!! lol!


  8. This is a lovely mosaic! I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to stop by.hugs Anu

  9. What a fun mosaic and Super Bowl party!! Love the igloo!

  10. Fantastic photos! I'm so happy they won. :)

  11. Oh yes, loved the DArth Vader kid! And we were happy that the Packers won -- they have been favorites of my husband since he was a teenager... :)

  12. Seeing your post makes me wish I'd had a SB Party!!! CHEESEHEADS, love it!!


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