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Super Bowl XLV

Bob and I have been Packer fans our whole lives. We grew up in the 60s when the Packers were a powerhouse. Then in the 70s Dan Devine coached the Packers after having coached at Mizzou. Then Brett Favrecame on the scene and I was totally sold for fifteen years!!

Bob and I built a helmet out of snow and put the Green Bay Packers emblem on it.  It was a lot of fun!  Bob did most of the work but I am a good supervisor!

Today is Super Bowl XLV with the Packers playing.... some other team.  I have had a lot of fun planning a party menu using Weight Watcher recipes.  We are having a hot dog bar with Nathan's fat free hot dogs, "deviled" eggs (replacing the yolks with hummus), sweet potato fries, carrots and celery sticks with bleu cheese dip, buffalo chicken tenders, and cupcakes.   I am excited about the menu!

We are also christening the new redo of our family room from a retro design to a sports bar design.  I have always wanted to do a sports bar theme so I am really excited about it!  I love Super Bowl commercials, too, don't you?

I hope everyone has a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday!

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  1. I hope the yellow snow doesn't encourage dogs to come into your yard. It's so cute! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    That's too cool Terri. I remember one year as a child we had a late season storm and my father helped my sisters and I build big Easter Bunnies on the front yard. Then we put food coloring and water in spray bottles and colored them pink just like Judy is showing on her blog (Cutest-Little-Things.blogspot.com)

  3. Yah!!!
    So glad you guys are Packer Fans!
    My hubby is on pins and needles already!
    He is about as loyal as they come!

  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Overheard by three year old Noah's mommy this morning...
    From Noah, "Go Crackers!"

    Kim said this was followed by..."Go Chiefs"!:-)

    Are we a football family?...guess you could say that. And yes, they are cheering for the Crackers ummmmm Packers!

  5. I really do love the commercials. While I live with and am surrounded by sports fans, I'm not one myself. I consider the game the price I have to pay to see the commercials. I hope your gang enjoys the game. The helmet, by the way, was wonderfully creative. May the better team win. Blessings...Mary

  6. This looks like such a perfect time! Loved reading about this!


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