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Truman was featured!

Our cutie pie, Truman, was featured at Hiya Luv on Valentine's Day. It is such a cute post and you will get to see some other sweet pups over there! Go visit!

Truman and his brother, Wilson

Truman and his sister, Ashley

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  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS to you sweet Truman. You and your brother are so cute!

  2. hi luv:) i adore your new blog layout!! Simply gorgeous and I just love the colors!!! :)

    Also-Truman was the star of the show;)

  3. Okay, I'll do that. I am not one bit surprised that this little cutie pie was featured.

  4. Both of your furbabies (and your daughter too) are adorable! Going now to check out the feature.


  5. What a wonderful happening! Your dogs are so very precious! Ashley is gorgeous. I do hope she is feeling better.

    I am going to go look for your Etsy shop.

  6. Good Morning Terri Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share. I so adore Truman. I will have to go over and see his photo shoot, and look at precious little Wilson. Love that picture of Ashley with Truman, that is priceless. We love our little critters.

    Our grands say that our little Boston Terrier, Bruiser, does not know that he is a d-o-g. And they spell it out, because we do not say that word in our house. So cute.

    I missed that I had won the OWOH giveaway, oh do I ever need that margarita soak. I will email you my addie, and thank you so much sweetie for the wonderful gift of love. Blogger has been playing with me for 6 day snow. It stole all of my blogs that I was following on my dashboard, so I can't see when someone has posted, and I am having to go through google reader to see all of the posts from my friends. I have had fits for days. I have missed so many wonderful posts. My apologies sweet friend.

    Hope you have a beautiful week. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. Hi Terri Sweetie...
    I tried your link for click to email, and it takes me to your photobucket account. No email there sweet one. Can you email me at:

    Many thanks and if you will not publish this message I would so appreciate it. Love ya, Sherry

  8. Just hopping in to see what you have going on in your neck of the woods! So glad you left a comment at my place so I could meet you! Love your babies. They are just so cute! I will be back!
    Hugs- Tete

  9. I am happy to see that someone else refers to their dogs and their children as siblings. People sometimes look at us wierd. :)

  10. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Congrats Truman! You are one COOL dog :-)

  11. I miss Truman. :( I need to come home for some parent and puppy time!

  12. Awww, what a cutie!...Christine

  13. Your pups are so adorable!!


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