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Valentine Treat

Have you made this simple but delicious treat? Only three ingredients, many variations and quick to make!

Round pretzels
M and M candies
Rolo candies

Unwrap the rolos. Place pretzels on a plate and top each pretzel with a rolo candy. Microwave for 30-40 seconds. Remove from microwave, let rest for 10-15 seconds. Press an M and M candy into the Rolo, causing it to fill in the holes in the pretzel. Let cool.

Today I used pink, white and red M and Ms but at Christmas you can use the red and green ones and replace the Rolo candy with a Hershey kiss. You can replace the M and M with a pecan to make a turtle. White chocolate kisses and the regular colors of M and Ms make cute birthday treats. The variations are limited only by your imagination!

Points Plus 2 each  Calories 50 each

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  1. These look so delicious. What a fun Valentine's Day treat!!

  2. How many calories are THOSE! :/

  3. Here are a ton of hugs for you ~ I've been away from Bend for close to three weeks. Returning to see this wonderfull Valentine treat! I will definitely make for my grandchildren!

  4. Oh, we haven't done it with Rolos, but Chelsea does make these with Hershey kisses. We'll have to try the Rolos. I love caramel.

  5. I made these at Christmas with my granddaughter---so good!!!

  6. I had one of these just last week and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!

    Have a good weekend and Happy Valentine's too!


  7. They look so yummy and pretty.

  8. Pardon me while I lick the computer screen. :)


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