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Get Fresh Air Into Your Home!

Air quality in the home is a big problem, but most of us don’t think about it. If the air quality in your home is bad, it can cause some health problems and it doesn’t create the nice, relaxing atmosphere that you want. People don’t realize that air pollution inside can actually be a lot worse than it is outside, but there are some simple things that you can do to help. These are some of the best ways to get a breath of fresh air in your home.

Be Careful When Cooking

The fumes from cooking can be harmful to your health if you are not careful. You can also get cooking smells stuck in the house if you don’t ventilate it properly when you are cooking. The easiest way around that is to use a good extractor fan and make sure that it’s always turned on when you are cooking. In the summer, when the weather is nice, you can also open a window to let the fumes out and circulate a bit of fresh air.

Take Your Shoes Off

When you go outside, your shoes pick up all sorts of dirt and bacteria. If you are wearing your shoes inside, you spread all of that dirt around and it will stick to surfaces, especially the carpets. Each time you walk over those carpets, you disrupt the dust and dirt and it all starts circulating in the air. That’s why it’s a good idea to take your shoes off when you enter the house, so you can leave it all outside.

Clean Carpets Thoroughly

Even if you are taking your shoes off, your carpets will still collect a lot of dust and dirt, so it’s important that you clean them properly. Make sure that you get the vacuum out every couple of days and get the carpets professionally cleaned once every so often to make sure that you get rid of the dirt that is buried deep down.

Install Some Fans

Circulating the air so you have fresh air coming through the house is important. If you don’t do that, the stale air will sit and the dust and dirt will settle on surfaces, so you should install some fans in the house. You can get some great ceiling fans online, which will help you to keep the air circulating and keep the flow of fresh air constant. They’re also ideal in the summer when you are trying to keep the house cool, so they’re a worthwhile investment.

Get Some Plants

Image Source - Unsplash CCO License

Plants are a great way to clean the air, and they also help you to connect with nature in your home. Adding a few plants will really brighten up a room and if you choose the right varieties, they can clean a lot of toxins from the air and improve the air quality. If you are not great at keeping plants alive, you should pick out some succulents because they don’t need to be watered very often and they are quite hard to kill.

These are all simple things that you can do to get more fresh air in and improve the air quality in your home.

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